Looking for J.K. Hartmans Card Craft

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Looking for J.K. Hartmans Card Craft

Postby Guest » April 18th, 2002, 12:35 pm

I have been endlessly looking for a copy of J.K. Hartman's Card Craft does anyone out there have a copy for sale?
Please let me know!
Your help is greatly apreciated!



Re: Looking for J.K. Hartmans Card Craft

Postby Guest » April 18th, 2002, 7:27 pm

Hi Rick. Welocome aboard. There was an entire thread about this book a short while back, try "search". The big news there, was that a copy went on Ebay for over $400! And Richard MAY reprint next year. But so far, its pretty hard to get, but not impossible. Especially if you buy it from a non computer savvy individual! Good Luck!

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Re: Looking for J.K. Hartmans Card Craft

Postby CHRIS » April 18th, 2002, 8:09 pm

Many hate alt.magic, but I found an essentially new "Card Craft" for $25 on alt.magic a few weeks ago.

The trick is to have a list of books you want and keep looking for them. From time to time you will find a great bargain for one of the books on your list. If you want a particular book now, then you will need to pay a premium. Also use different channels. Search in various places call second hand dealers and pray to the mighty god of books :-)

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Jon Elion
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Re: Looking for J.K. Hartmans Card Craft

Postby Jon Elion » April 19th, 2002, 3:51 am

I may be partially responsible for running up the eBay sale on that copy that sold for $400. I was going out of town, so I placed a hefty maximum bid figuring NO ONE would outdo it. Well, that ran the price up quickly, but folks kept going and going (leaving my supposedly high bid in the dust)! Auction fever. I had private e-mails after that offering to sell me one copy for $300, and another for $250. I declined.

The next seller to put a copy up for sale on eBay got excited, and put a high "reserve" on the book. The bidding stalled at $155 and the copy was never sold.

The NEXT copy that came up on eBay just sold for $134. To me! Good things come to those who wait.

I keep a list of books I am looking for, and bookmarks in my web browser to an eBay search for that item, and to a search at the Advanced Book Exchange (www.abebooks.com). The Advanced Book Exchange is my preferred place for buying old books (less uncertainty than eBay), and it can also be a good place to get an idea of prices (so you know when to stop bidding on eBay!). Anyway, every day when I first sit down at the computer, I do a quick check of these links to see if anything on my "wish list" has come available. Over time, I have been quite successful with this strategy.

Your mileage may vary!

Oliver Corpuz
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Re: Looking for J.K. Hartmans Card Craft

Postby Oliver Corpuz » April 19th, 2002, 9:29 am


I was bidding on that last eBay auction for Cardcraft and saw that you sniped it up at the last second. Good thing that I didn't put in a really high bid at the last second too, or one of us could have paid very dearly for that book! (Assuming you put in a really high bid). I think the way people try and snipe each other before the auction ends has a lot to do with some of these auctions ending with exorbitant winning bids.

I'm glad I've lost some eBay magic book auctions that have been bid up to ludicrously high prices, as I have been able to find some sellers locally (at magic swaps, auctions and flea markets) that are willing to sell the same vintage/rare books for practically nothing ((i.e. 3 extremely out of print and near mint Frank Garcia titles for $9) or at least a fair price.

I'll continue to try and find a used copy of Card Craft at a reasonable price, unless of course, Richard Kaufman decides to finally reprint it. Then I'll buy the reprint. Please reprint it!!!

- Oliver

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