[#7] YET AGAIN More Titles Nearly All Card Magic

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[#7] YET AGAIN More Titles Nearly All Card Magic

Postby magicam » March 1st, 2006, 9:31 pm

Hi again folks:

Here are some more titles, nearly all on card magic, including some hard to find ones. Please look at the preliminary comments re book condition, grading and shipping in my GF first list, here: http://geniimagazine.com/forum/cgi-bin/ ... 4;t=006039

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I believe there are still some good quality titles available.

Thanks very much to all of you for the great response to my listings. There is yet more to come!


Britland, David Card Kinetics. London, Martin Breese, 1988. 2nd edition. 42 pp. Wraps. Complete with gaffed card. VG+. $15

Burger, Eugene Solomons Mind: The Card Mysteries of David Solomon. 1st edition, 1997. 233 pp. Hb/dj. NM/NM. $32

Castle, Fred Magic with Giant Cards. Lecture Notes. Emerson & West, 1981. 14 pp. Wraps. VG-. $5

Castle, Fred Magic with Giant Cards. Lecture Notes. Emerson & West, 1981. 14 pp. Wraps, two-hole punched at left margin. Inscribed by Castle. G. $5

Cestkowski, Jerry Encyclopedia of Playing Card Flourishes. Denver, CO, Printmeister Press, 2002. 1st edition. 545 pp. Black cloth. NF. $85

Devereux, Eve Card Tricks. London, Apple Press, 1998. 1st edition. 48 pp. Hb/dj. NM/NM. $12

Duffie, Peter 21 Card Tricks. Published by the author, 1999. 1st edition. 16 pp. Color pictorial wraps. NF. $22

Duffie, Peter Ulterior Motifs. Published by the author, 1992. 1st edition. 20 pp. Wraps. NF. $18

Fitzkee, Dariel The Card Expert Entertains. San Rafael, CA, San Rafael House, 1948. 1st edition. 171 pp. Lovely pictorial wraps, and a very good copy, not very easy to find in this condition. $22

Ireland, L. L. Irelands New Card and Coin Manipulation. Chicago, Ireland Magic Co., 1935. 1st edition. 26 pp., mimeo. Wraps. Very early Ireland title, seldom offered for sale nowadays. G++. $14

Le Paul, Paul The Card Magic of Paul le Paul. New York, Louis Tannen. 3rd edition. 219 pp. Hb/dj. Book is VG, dj is rather soiled and worn, with top and bottom edges reinforced with tape on the inside of the dj. Unlike the current paperback versions of this title, the photographs in this edition are good quality. $48

Lovell, Simon Card Tricks Can Be Fun!!. 1993 lecture notes. 38 pp. Pale yellow wraps. VG. $12

Marvillo How Do You Do It Yourself? Magic for You. Lancashire, a Magi-Trix Publication, nd [ca. 1963]. 16 pp., mimeo. Yellow wraps. G-. Cards, linking rings, steals. Scarce. $12

Morris, Hugh 84 Card Tricks. New York, Padell Book Company, 1934 by Franklin Publishing Company (Wehman Bros. stamp on title page). 47 pp. Yellow wraps. VG-. $2

Moss, Floyd Card Cheats How They Operate: An Expose of the Card Sharps Trade. New York, William-Frederick Press, 1950. 1st edition. 77 pp. Wraps. Covers somewhat worn and soiled, bottom 1 of spine split but holding firm, else a good copy of a highly sought after gambling title. $48

Nelson, Earl Variations Revisited. Pasadena, Mike Caveneys Magic Words, 2003. 1st edition. 150 pp. Hb/dj. Practically new copy. NM/NM. $32

Phillips, Hubert The Playtime Omnibus. London, Faber & Faber, 1933. 1st edition. 272 pp. Pictorial cloth, somewhat soiled and worn, overall G. Card tricks, puzzles, math tricks. $22

Racherbaumer, Jon Arch Triumphs. Oakland, Magic Limited, 1978. 1st edition. Illustrated white cloth. Hb. 44pp. Huge format book, nicely produced . VG. $22

Sapsford, Donald Card Tricks and Patience. London, White Lion Publishers Limited, 1976. 1st edition thus. 138 pp. Hb/dj. Dj slightly rubbed to panels, spine somewhat faded. NM/VG-. Obscure and unusual card magic title. $28

Scarne, John Scarne on Card Tricks. London, Constable, 1953. 1st UK edition. 138 pp. Hb/dj. NF/VG. A very nice copy of the UK edition, seldom found in such nice shape. $25

Smith, Al Cards at Bay. Published by the author, 1981. 1st edition. 19 pp. Pale green wraps. Obscure UK publication on card effects. VG. $12

Swain, James Miracles with Cards. Tampa, Florida, The Author, 1996. 1st edition. 190 pp. Black cloth, silver titling. NM. $45

Tanner, Don Fifty Ways to Use a Card Box. Chicago, Magic, Inc., nd. 28 pp. Tan and red wraps. VG. $7

Trost, Nick The Card Magic of Nick Trost. Tahoma, California, L&L, 1997. 1st edition. 331 pp. Hb/dj. NF/NF. A lovely copy, now out of print. $48


Re: [#7] YET AGAIN More Titles Nearly All Card Magic

Postby Guest » March 2nd, 2006, 2:26 am

If still available I take the Swain book (Miracles with cards).

Let me know.

Ps: Don't worry about shipping problems, I have a friend in the US.

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Re: [#7] YET AGAIN More Titles Nearly All Card Magic

Postby magicam » March 2nd, 2006, 12:58 pm

Sold titles removed. Swain book on hold.


The Swain book is yours. Please e-mail me to arrange for payment and shipping. Thanks much for getting the book.


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