WTB: Milson Worth

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WTB: Milson Worth

Postby Guest » June 2nd, 2006, 7:28 pm

Hi. It has been over a year since I last checked with the Genii Forum folks so maybe someone has dug something up. I'm still searching for a few pieces to complete my Milson Worth collection. Id be willing to buy them outright and/or trade other magic stuff including apparatus, memorabilia, stone litho posters, books etc. etc. etc. I also have a few duplicate MW pieces for trade.

I'm especially interested in locating the following Milson Worth pieces:

Drop-Side Production
Genii Tube
Oriental Die Box (new version)
P-K Close-Up Stage
Production Box
Royal Block Release
Sand Frame (black w/gold trim)
Sensational Rabbit Vanish (White finish)
Squared Circle (jumbo and stage size)
Wand (black with white tip)
Zombie Cabinet

Would also be interested in any MW pieces with a custom finish or special order one of a kind pieces.

Please email me directly at meandj82@comcast.net

Thanks for looking,

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