A quick "Hi" from a former member

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A quick "Hi" from a former member

Postby Guest » December 27th, 2003, 10:34 am

It's great to be back on this forum again, i was a semi-regular a year or so ago (as 'MagicMechanic' if i recall?) but for various reasons took a break from (very amateur) magic to concentrate on other things.

Actually, the only trace of magic that remained with me during this period was to practice the Riffle Pass everyday dozens of times, largely, to be honest, as a stress reliever at work or when stood in heavy traffic or whatever - I have to thank Peter Duffie for the inspiration to learn this move. So Peter, if you are out there, a big "thank-you". I'm quite pleased with the results.

My only claim to fame is that Peter Duffie generously featured a move i might have developed on his web site. If interested, you can see it here:

http://www.conjuring.pwp.blueyonder.co. ... 200204.htm

Now that i have the magic bug again (what a great feeling) i pop into Davenports today here in London to pick up a copy of the latest Genii - they were sold out! So i asked for Kaufman's 'On The Pass' DVD and they were sold out of that too :-(. I ended up with 'The Very Best of Gary Ouellet, Vol. 3' which i'm looking forward to working through. Anyone else seen it?

Anyway, enough of my rambling, really just wanted to say, "Hi".


Re: A quick "Hi" from a former member

Postby Guest » December 30th, 2003, 6:13 am

Okay, so i go to International Magic for the latest Genii and Kaufman's 'On The Pass' DVD and they're sold out as well!! :-(

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