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Magic and Comedy Newsletter

Postby Guest » January 18th, 2002, 12:52 pm

I have started a newsletter for magicians who are interested in sharing their own original one-liners, comedy theories and comedy trick reviews with the world

If you would like to subscribe, email me at with a submission. We ask that people submit regularly so that a reasonable amount of give and take is acheived. We would rather not have too many people who do not submit.

We also recogonize that sharing comedy material is a sensative issue for many magicians and so we will endeavour to be as strict as possible with theft of material,

All submissions will be credited and anyone caught stealing other people's material will be ejected and have their toenails removed.

(This is the second new topic I have started on this subject. I accidently deleted the previous one. My apologies for any confusion)

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