$10 Videos, lots of 'em!

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$10 Videos, lots of 'em!

Postby Guest » August 31st, 2006, 1:47 pm

Getting rid of the old media. These are all $10 each including postage in the US unless otherwise noted. Paypal only please and please contact me by sending an email to my address, mark@thinairproductions.com. I'll update the list daily. Additional postage required for Canada. I've listed highlights of each tape, for complete contents visit the website of the original producers; most often A-1 Multimedia and L&L. Thanks.

Ackerman, Alan Vegas Card Expert (Vol. 1) A1 (Impromptu Paul Fox find four mental selections and 12 other items)
Ackerman, Alan Every Move a Move (Vol. 2) A1 (15 items, many palms, passes and false deals)
Ackerman, Alan Advanced Card Controls (Vol. 3) A1 (42 moves from easy to difficult and three routines.)

Close, Mike Too Close, (6 fully explained, professional stand-up routines.)
Cloutier, Carl Expert Sleeving, A-1 Multimedia (10 sleeving applications)
Colombini, Aldo Mama Mia Magic, A-1 (Cups, coins and cards)
Colombini, Aldo Classics of Magic, L&L (Rings, Cups, coins, cards & Ropes)
Cornelius, John Creative Magic, A-1 Multimedia (19 Effects)
Daryl Card Revelations Vol. 3, L&L
Daryl Card Revelations Vol. 4, L&L
Daryl Card Revelations Vol. 5, L&L
Daryl Encyc. Of Card Tricks Vol. 3, L&L (False Cuts, Riffle & False shuffles, glimpse and keycard)
Daryl Encyc. Of Card Tricks Vol. 8, L&L (Switches & Changes, Packet Switches, Flourishes with several one handed cuts, including Daryls hot shot cut)
Daryl - Expert Rope Magic Vol. 8 (Includes Daryls Rope Routine & Jumping Knot of Pakistan.)
De Cova, Alexander Treasures 3 Vol. Set. (Innovative and unique close-up and stand-up material, 27 pieces. These are originals, but because they were manufactured in Europe the first two volumes have a bit of static in the audio. It is very small but I wanted to tell you up front!) $25 for the set.
On Hold Evans, Henry Something More than an Illusion, L&L Vol. 1 (9 great routines from a FISM winner, including necktie cardsword and his rising cards)
On Hold Evans, Henry Something More than an Illusion, L&L Vol. 3 (11 routines, many featuring his trademark vanishing and appearing silk)
Eason, Doc Rocky Mountain Magic (1 hour performance tape)
Gallo, Mike Siamese Coins MY Magic (12 routines and the necessary prop) $15

Garrett, Dan Cabaret Connivery (12 pro routines inc. Rings, sponges, etc.)

Hein, Karl Heinstein Shuffle, Magicsmith, (Karls in-the-hands false riffle shuffle and applications)
Hobson, Jeff Live A1 Magical Media (Watch Steal, Balloon Bag, Silk 2 Apple)

On Hold Lair, Michael Candles, Murphys (Fantasio Candles, basic to advanced techniques)

Marlo, Ed The Cardician, A1 (14 items, including punch deal, cigar bottom deal, table edge pass, & 3 other passes)
Marlo, Ed The Legend, A1 (18 items including a deck switch, two center deals, a pass and much more)

Nash, Martin Vol. 3 Colors on March (Marlos Aces, segregating colors, colors on the march)
Nash, Martin Vol. 6 Castle Act, L&L (Any Ace, Gamb. Vs. Magi, Center Deals, Deck Switch)
Page, Pat - Reveal a Card Discoveries, L&L, (20+ easy to intermediate revelations)

Ortiz, Darwin - Cardshark 3 video set $25.00, A1
Ortiz, Darwin - At the Card Table, Vol. 1 (Darwin's 3 card monte, Hitchcock Aces, & the Pinky count all taught)

Sanders, Richard Visi-Bill, (RSs bill switch technique)
Skinner, Mike Linking Rings A-1 Master Teach In (3 Ring Routine with lots of tips and techniques from an expert.)


Re: $10 Videos, lots of 'em!

Postby Guest » September 4th, 2006, 3:25 pm

I emailed you about
McBride, Jeff World Class Manipulation 3 Volume Set, L&L $25 for the set.

Let me know if you still have and i'll send you the money.



Re: $10 Videos, lots of 'em!

Postby Guest » September 5th, 2006, 2:56 pm

Some Darwin Ortiz tapes added, sold tapes removed. Thanks.


Re: $10 Videos, lots of 'em!

Postby Guest » September 10th, 2006, 9:42 am

List has been updated.


Re: $10 Videos, lots of 'em!

Postby Guest » September 10th, 2006, 7:14 pm

Did you receive a prior email from me? Would like to buy:
De Cova Vol. 3 only (I have 1 & 2)
Evans, Henry Vol. 1 & 3
Magic of Germany
Candles, Lair, Michael
Gordon Precious
1 Braeside Crescent
Toronto, ON, M4N 1W7

Telephone: (001) 416-489-1200
Fax: (001) 416-916-2166
Email: gordonprecious@rogers.com

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