Daryl Video 3-Pack!!

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Daryl Video 3-Pack!!

Postby Evan Shuster » October 20th, 2007, 1:37 pm

Daryl Video 3-Pack!!
Ambitious Card Video
New Millennium World Tour Lecture
Greater Magic Video Library, Volume 7
All three tapes for $25 (includes free shipping and delivery confirmation)

1. Daryl's Ambitious Card Video
Here you have the chance to witness the live performance of Daryl's entire gold medal-winning F.I.S.M. routine. Daryl also demonstrates and explains dozens of additional tips and subtleties he has created and refined over many years to allow you to be the best you can be. And, for the first time ever, Daryl reveals the real work on the most amazing finale to this routine - Daryl's Ultimate Amibition Improved!
Daryl's Gold Medal F.I.S.M. Routine
Riffle Shuffle Control
Triple Lift; Snap Double Life (Larry Jennings)
The Double Lift Build Up (Verne Chesbro)
Brrrrtttt! (Bruce Elliott)
The Top Change
For The Unambitious (Edward Marlo)
The Double Whammo
Deck Switch (Daryl)
The Bluff Pass (Paul LePaul)
Topper (Frank Garcia & Bill Spooner)
Tilted and Turned (Daryl)
Up the Falls
Thin Ambitious (Daryl & Edward G.).
--Additional Techniques:
Control Knockout; The Center Double Life (Jack Avis); The Hofzinser Spread Pass (J.N. Hofzinser); To Boldly Go; The Push-In Change (A. Roterberg, Hatton & Plate, Frederick Braue); The Ambitious Miracle Change (Edward Marlo); The Tip-Over Change (Jack Merlin); The Tiltless Tilt; Bluff Insertion from the Front (Irv Weiner); The Daily Leaper (Dr. Jacob Daley); The Impromptu Duplicate; Four - Fifths of the Truth (Phil Goldstein); Ambitious Movie (Roy Walton); A One-Handed Sequence (Daryl); Mexican Turnover Top Change Second Deal (Daryl); Diminishing Lift Sequence (Edward Marlo & Daryl); Flustration Count (Brother John Hamman); The Trick That Fooled Houdini (Dai Vernon); The Gaffless Houdini-Fooler (Daryl); Nothing Changes (Rick Anderson); The Ambitious Twins (Frederick Braue, Jean Hugard, Daryl); Ambitious One Way (Daryl); The Paintbrush Change (Stanley Collins & Dai Vernon); The Pop-Up Card (Frederick Braue).

Running Time: 1 Hour 8minutes

2. Daryl's New Millennium World Tour Lecture Video
Daryls "New Millennium World Tour" was the most extensive magic lecture tour ever undertaken. Over two years Daryl visited more than 245 cities in 25 different countries sharing his unique and highly entertaining magic. The tour finished in Daryls hometown of Las Vegas and this is the astonishing lecture you see here, performed live at the Rio Hotel and Casino.
Bounce Across - Hilarious routine where the "bounce" vanishes from a rubber ball and reappears in a piece of modeling clay!
Presto-Attracto Card - This normal looking card "attracts" the two selections to either side of itself in the deck. This is one for the more technically advanced card workers.
Fusion Illusion - A flash of fire and several rings link together.
Daryl's Color Changing Knives - Two ordinary pocket knives keep changing color from red to yellow and back. You then stop the color change half way through, only to find your orange thumbprint is boldly marked on the knife at the point where you stopped the colors! Amazing!
Eight Card Brainwave 2000 - The selected card is always the one with the odd colored back - finish clean, lots of surprises.
The Enchanted Cube - A mixed cube puzzle solves itself in mid-air!
Dish-A-Licious - A piece is bitten from a plate, which is then magically restored.
All Tied Up - An impromptu mystery using all borrowed objects and members of the audience!
Dicey Dots - Dots vanish from the die in the spectator's hand and magically appear on the spot sucker!
Daryl's Ultimate Ambition Improved - Daryl's Complete Gold Medal F.I.S.M. winning routine for The Ambitious Card, including the famous rope around the deck finish.

Running Time: 1 Hour 34 minutes.

3. Greater Magic Video Library, Volume 7 Daryl
Daryl performs and explains seven of his favorite routines at the time, on this video. Routines include: Double Dazzling Triumph, Out-of-Body Experience, Fantastic Knot, Snowshoe Sandwich, Ring AND Rope, Sympathetic Coins, and Ultimate Ambition (performance only).
Seven Show Stoppers from Daryl:
Double Dazzling Triumph
Out-of-Body Experience
Ultimate Ambition* (Performance Only)
Fantastic Knot
Snowshoe Sandwich
Sympathetic Coins
Ring and Rope

* 1982 Fism Award Winner

Running Time Approximately 1hr 2min

Paypal preferred (no credit cards, please). Check or money order okay, but I cannot ship until payment clears (thanks in advance for understanding).

Thanks for looking!

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Evan Shuster
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Re: Daryl Video 3-Pack!!

Postby Evan Shuster » October 24th, 2007, 7:52 pm



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