FS EBAY: 3 vhs tapes Classics of Magic and Book

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FS EBAY: 3 vhs tapes Classics of Magic and Book

Postby Guest » August 29th, 2007, 5:06 pm

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Three Commercial Classics of Magic VHS Tapes and Stars of Magic Book

This package will make a great gift to the up and coming close-up magician. No need to buy the one trick dvd's. You can make up your own effects after learning these tricks and methods. Contains some of the best close up table magic ever. No need to buy any other close up book.

On 3 VHS tapes, Johnny Thompson, consultant to Chris Angel among others, shows you how to perform classic close up magic. Learn routines from the acts of these great magicians: Dai Vernon, Slydini, Max Malini, Hofzinser, Jarrow, Nate Leipzig and others. Tricks like Hanky Panky, where a lit cig penetrates a handkerchief. No harm to the hanky, of course! Coins through the table, where coins penetrate the kitchen table. Malini's card stab., where the blindfolded performer finds a card by stabbing it on the table. About 35 classic effects.

Stars of Magic Book.1975. Loius Tannen Publisher. 168 pages. Dozens of photographs. Not drawings!! BUMP ON RIGHT BOTTOM FRONT COVER OF BOOK. No pages are affected. See pic. This volume also has effects from the greats listed above. In many, if not all cases, photographs show the originator of the effect performing.! All of the effects are CLASSIC and COMMERCIAL, and have stood the test of time. Some of the effects overlap with the tapes, which will help learning. Over 30 effects.

Between the tapes and the book, you can easily put together a really nice close-up act. ( Actually many acts. But it is best to learn about 5 effects really well, than a dozen tricks done poorly.) These effects ARE NOT sleight heavy. Misdirection and palming are the workhorse moves.

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