WTB: Old Manuscript

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Ray Haddad
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WTB: Old Manuscript

Postby Ray Haddad » January 27th, 2002, 3:54 pm

Dear Friends,

I am looking for a manuscript and gimmick sold back in 1972 as advertised on Page 528 of Genii, Volume 36, December, 1972 entitled,
Wilson's Comedy Cut and Restored Necktie Routine.

I bought a copy back then and can't find it. It may be in storage back in San Diego. If you have one and wish to sell it, contact me by e-mail at rhaddad@iexpress.net.au with your terms for sale. I paid the princely sum of $1.00 back then purchasing it from Mr. Wilson, himself. I need it for reference material as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance for searching through your archived stuff.

Best Always,
Best Regards,

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