FS EBAY Al Mann, Lee Earle,Docc Hilford

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FS EBAY Al Mann, Lee Earle,Docc Hilford

Postby Guest » August 6th, 2007, 4:31 pm

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High Domain-A Method for the Private Reader. By Al Mann. 1985. 11 Pages. How to give a private one on one psychic reading. Thoughts written down on a sheet of paper are known to the mentalist. 2 methods. Also includes a graphology reading and how to remove negative vibes from the sitter. Material for the working mentalist.

Psi-Clone-The Art of Thought Cloning. By Al Mann. 1985. 7 pages. Contains 2 over the phone effects. Great for use with cell phone. Psi-Clone -Thoughts are cloned in the spectator's mind that the listener believes are in your mind. The listener divines what is written on 2 slips of paper. In reality , you know nothing. The Tele-Trou Syndrome- The listener on the phone reverses a number of cards in his own deck. The psychic tells the listener to reverse a few more cards, and then tells the listener exactly how many cards are reversed, and how many face down..

Center Tear Teach In . Lee Earle. VHS TAPE A great tutorial on the center tear. A great companion to the Al Mann manuscript.

It's Even Weerder Close Up? By Docc Hilford. 5 effects that compliment the above material.

Interesting mentalist package.

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