Slydini Silks

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Slydini Silks

Postby Guest » November 18th, 2002, 8:21 pm

I attempted to make a set of silks for the classic Slydini silk routine. I got my parachute fabric, but it is still twice as heavy as two 'original' silks that I borrowed as a template to make my own. I've searched high and low for either ready made silks or the correct material to make my own. Anybody know where I can get a set?

-Mark Johnson

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Gene B
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Re: Slydini Silks

Postby Gene B » November 18th, 2002, 9:14 pm

Mark--You should call Andy @ John Greget--"Magic Lists"--Last time I saw him a couple months ago he had the Slydini Silks you are looking for.
He's in Scottsdale, AZ--602-404-3100.
Tell him I said hi!!
Gene Bisson

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Re: Slydini Silks

Postby timbrown » November 19th, 2002, 4:51 am

I recently attended a lecture by Dick Barry and he performed a knotted silk routine. He sells a set of silks that are of top quality and perfect for the Slydini Silks. These can be found at his website ... reat+Magic

By the way - you should attend Dick's lecture if you get the chance. His "Clairvoyant Cassette" is really astounding and very easy to construct. I really like this kind of effect - it is clear, direct and easy to perform, thus permitting you to focus on presentation.

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Matthew Field
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Re: Slydini Silks

Postby Matthew Field » November 19th, 2002, 6:43 am

I'd recommend Steve Draun's website for Slydini Silks, .

Mark Jensen
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Re: Slydini Silks

Postby Mark Jensen » November 22nd, 2002, 3:23 pm

I have one or two sets of the 18" Slydini Silks left. These are the white silks with the red thread side markings exactly as Slydini used. They sell for $25 + shipping.

Let me know if you're interested.

PS: I also have The Annotated Magic of Slydini on sale for $49. ;)


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Re: Slydini Silks

Postby Guest » November 22nd, 2002, 10:36 pm

Thanks for the offer, but I just received a set of italian silks from L&L. Now with a couple hours of practice I should be ready for the big show tomorrow morning <just kidding> I already have all the Slydini books, one of them signed by him.

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