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Jacky Kahan
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What's your opinion?

Postby Jacky Kahan » October 23rd, 2004, 1:40 am

i am looking for some feedback related to the folowing issues :

Magic shops and magic education.

The whole issue with Penguin made me think.
Of course it isn't right at all to sell/copy products if you don't own the rights. there is no discussion about it.

What disturbs me is the fact that a magicshop is supposed to be the place where magicians are "educated". Penguin for instance is a very commercial marketing minded company. The whole concept of "secrecy" is lost when you promote your goods the way penguin is doing.

I always thought that a magicshop is the place where you are educated regarding the magicworld. This is a contradiction, because a shop is supposed to make money...
In Vegas for instance any tourist who goes to a magicshop can buy anything... is that supposed to be? or should there be a barrier? I know very few shops where they don't let you in if you are not a magician...

The other issue i have is how to educate young magicians? How do you make them understand regarding ethics? that buying everything is a waste of money? I know, we've all been beginners and we've probably all bought lots of stuff that are now in a dusty drawer...

I just wanted to have some feedback on these two issues :
1. Should a magicshop be a commercial place ?
2. How to educate young magician in general?


Scott Fridinger
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Re: What's your opinion?

Postby Scott Fridinger » October 25th, 2004, 6:44 pm

I have had this conversation with my local magic dealer. Here is what I get from him. (Remember this is a Brick and Mortar shop, which does internet sales, but has a larger overhead because of the physical "store")

1. Most experienced magicians are more "picky" when shopping. We are not going to buy every little new thing that comes out. (at least us who do not have unlimited wealth) Please note everything to follow is my understanding of our conversations and not to be taken as a quote from the magic shop owners.

2. Most of his money is made from those "walk-ins" who have no experience in magic or very little. I always ask, why don't you demo this or that and he explained that your casual guy does not have the desire to learn every move to do a 3 fly....etc.

3. The owners know who is a serious magician and the magic community here knows as well and those people will always be able to get the "education" needed to try to succeed in magic. There is a back room that people can sit around and discuss magic, but the walk-ins never sit back here. They don't have the time or desire to do so. They want a trick they can do for their kids, they don't want to spend 5 hours discussing the lattest palm or shift.

Therefore, it must be a place for both commercial and educational. They need to sell so they can stay in business and have a place for education to happen. They offer magic classes for those who would like to get into magic further, and there are always magicians around to talk with.


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