FS Bizarre Stuff form Tony Shiels $25

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FS Bizarre Stuff form Tony Shiels $25

Postby Guest » September 7th, 2007, 8:27 pm

Bizarre: The Surreal Sorcery of Tony 'Doc' Shiels
London: Martin Breeze Ltd.
Hardbound, 1st,
87 pages of Pseudo Psi, Monstrosities and Horrors. Weird tricks for the magickal story-teller.
Scarce volume in the U.S.

Something Strange (ca. 1970)
Shiels, Tony 'Doc'
Devon, England: Supreme Magic Publication
Softbound, 20 pages,saddle-stitched pamphlet, , Good Condition

Thirteen! (ca. 1970)
Shiels, Tony 'Doc'
Devon, England: Supreme Magic Publication
Softbound, 23 pages.,saddle-stitched pamphlet, 2nd edition Good Condition

A nice assortment of effects for the performer of the bizarre by the master himself. Enough material for many scary seances. The secrets are simple enough, but you must brush up on your story telling. The story telling and the setting, (Light via candles, incense burning, music, etc.) are the main feature of bizarre magic sittings. And these books contain GREAT stories and IDEAS. You can substitute your own methods for the effects when needed, but the plots are hard to improve upon.

$25 Postpaid for all 3. Sold as group only. ( Postpaid Within the U.S. Foreign orders must add extra for postage.)

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