Wolf's Magic Jack Hughes Snake Basket

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Wolf's Magic Jack Hughes Snake Basket

Postby Guest » August 27th, 2007, 10:42 am

Hello all,

The recent bad weather in the Chicago area flooded our basement. As a result I need some cash fast and I have decided to put up for sale my Wolf's Magic recreation of the Jack Hughes Snake Basket. There were only 12 of these ever made of which this is number 5. Everything is complete and it has never been used in performance. It comes complete with custom ATA case and all accessories as originally sold. For details please go to the Wolf's Magic site:

Wolf\'s Magic

Asking $2,500.00 for this true collectible.

Shipping is extra and will be at cost. Insurance will be mandatory. Paypal only please.

Frank Yuen
0s030 East Street
Winfield, IL 60190

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