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Magic Books FSH- New and collectable

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Fellow Magicians,
Below is a list of new books and some obtained from a collection. All are in excellent shape. Shipping is $4 for each of the books. If you order more than one, shipping discounts will apply. I ship worldwide. Paypal is accepted as is credit card by phone and money orders. Walk-ins are always welcome. If there are any books or tricks you are looking for let me know and I will try and help. Please contact me before sending any payments.
Mr. Ash

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While Ed Marlo was famous for his ingenious creations with cards, he also devoted a great deal of creativity to magic with other objects including coins, bills, cups and balls, silks, mentalism, dice, linking pins, sponge balls, chop cup, and various small tricks usually sold to kids such as the ball vase, magic frame, snapper, and much, much more. 67 effects and routines, some never before published.

This book has it all: close-up magic, naked women, mentalism, naked women, parlor magic, naked women, illusions, oh, and...naked women.Sexy Magic is, of course, European- French, specifically. The French have never been a people to shy away from celebrating nudity-in fact, to them, it's quite a different thing altogether since nude women have appeared in advertisements in newspapers and magazines and in various television shows for many decades. Author James Hodges is one of the great illustrators in France, who, in addition to working on countless magic books, has also done lots of work for the public and is also a well-known designer of stage settings for French theater. The most fun you'll have reading a magic book. Not to be sold to anyone under the age of 18 years. Hardcover, 162 pages, Limited Edition of 1000 Copies.

More than just a magic book, Christian Chelman's Capricornian Tales takes the reader into strange, uncharted territory with presentations that will chill the heart and challenge the sensibilities of any audience. Written in a narrative style that combines the effects, presentations and methods into compelling and highly entertaining stories, this book has become a neo-classic of bizarre magick. Hardbound with dustjacket.

Alan Wakelings acclaimed magic has for years been the secret source for leading professional magicians. His career featured stage magic, illusions, close-up and stand-up effects, including several complete acts. This book contains professional material developed by Wakeling and used by magicians. Fully illustrated, beautifully and clearly described, this book is a treasure for any aspiring magician. Just ask the magicians, designers, and producers of today, who continue to integrate Wakeling's routines into their acts. Such people include the authors of this book's brief introductions: Mark Wilson, Steve Dick, Don Bice, Mike Caveney, Norm Nielsen, Earl Nelson, Ricky Jay, and Channing Pollock.

Illustrated History of wandering magicians and their conjuring arts.

Everything that would-be magicians and entertainers need to take their magic to the streets, bars, malls, and supermarkets, and wow crowds up close and personal is in this exciting new guide. From amazing card tricks to mind magic and stunning illusions, a professional magician reveals all the tricks of the tradewith easy-to-grasp instructions and 300 illustrationsthat can be performed any time, anywhere. Perplex and baffle urban audiences with unbelievable coin tricks, rubber band magic, and street fire; confuse the steel-willed with mind-over-matter feats like street levitation and telepathy; and scare the strong-of-stomach with freaky tricks like eye poppers and glass eating. Includes advice on starting out; flourishes to polish performances; plus a few words on hecklers. Fans will love it too!

A beautifully produced book about dove magic and all those extra things you need to know: care and feeding of doves, types of cages, presentation pointers, conditioning the audience, etc. Along with many fine dove effects such as The Floating Dove, Dove Tray Production, Egg to Dove, Production Dove Cage. There is an appendix containing Slydini's Master Dove Production. Illustrated with drawings and photos. 153 pages. This is the reprint.

Ronald J. Dayton has written and produced one of the most unique books in the modern history of magic. It is filled with fun magic plus pages of neat facts and humorous illustrations. Along with the magic, you will even learn the real names of every well know magician... like Okito! A must have volume.

Fantasio's innovative magical inventions have been used for decades now by many of the world's most famous magicians. Now, for the first time, the genius behind the magic explains everything about his brilliant creations in My Canes and Candles. In this beautiful, fully-illustrated volume, you'll learn everything you ever needed to know about Fantasio's appearing and vanishing canes, candles and wands: their care and maintenance, complete effects and routines, and innovative ideas that could only have been thought of by their inventor.
Contents Include:The Fantasio Canes and Candles The Appearing Cane Tricks with the Appearing Cane The Vanishing Cane Tricks with the Vanishing Cane The Vanishing Wand Tricks with the Vanishing Wand The Vanishing Candle Tricks with the Vanishing Candle The Appearing Candle Tricks with the Appearing Candle Cane and Candle Combinations More With Canes More With Candles Canes and Candles Encore Canes and Candles to Bouquets Tricks with Feather Bouquets and more!


J.K HartmanTrickery Treats Almost 10 years ago, J.K. Hartman`s momentous classic Card Craft was published. At 700 pages, it was the largest book ever devoted solely to card magic. Not it`s out of print and sells for over a hundred dollars through used book dealers. Its sequel, After Craft was published to great acclaim in 1995. But the best of all is Trickery Treats, the latest 240 page oversized hardcover full of miraculous card magic.Richard Kaufman has been busy publishing Genii, The conjurors` Magazine for the past year, has squeezed in enough time to publish this new book.There are over 61 tricks - new classic items in Trickery Treats, illustrated with over 650 drawings by well-known artist Joseph K. Schmidt.The highlight is a "Process of Elimination," the ultimate in equivoque: it brings you from 52 possibilities down to one card with absolutely no skill. It is completely automatic and you don`t even handle the cards. A separately-printed gimmicked script comes with each copy of Trickery Treats.This book is a big 240 pages, guaranteed to provide great reading and great magic for you to perform over the holidays. Or, give it as a gift to the magician in your life!

1934, 1935, 1936, 1937, 1942, 1943, 1944, 1945, 1946, 1947, 1948, 1949,
1950, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1955, 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1961, 1967-68

19 essays on the subject of cold reading covering methodologies, techniques, anecdotes, philosophies and reviews. ( SMALL TEAR OF UPPER BINDING)

14.Close UP Magic: Restaurant Style- Vol1 and 2 Barry Govan- $16 for both
Card magic, Close Up magic and Stand up Magic. 1982

15.The Comedy Magic Textbook- David Roper-$20
1991 Hardbound.

16. The Card Expert Entertains- Daniel Fitzkee-$50
1978 hardbound

17.Page Wrights Manuscript- T Page Wright- $40
There is no better way to describe this terrific, hard bound book than to list a small sample of its contents: Cigarette Routines, Thimble Magic, Modern Card Sleights, Card Effects for Stage, Ornamental Sleights with Cards, and lots more. This well illustrated volume should be on your shelf.

18. New Card Control Systems- Joseph K. Schmidt-$30

19. Build Your own Illusions- Jim Sommers-$20
Complete text & drawings for 20 practical stage size magical tricks.

20. Seriously Silly, How to Entertain children with Magic and Comedy- David Kaye-$40
A complete guide to performing magic for children. New York's top kid show magician, featured on television, in newspapers, and magazines, shares his secrets of success. Featuring six never-before published routines, 27 secrets of funnier routines, 7 essays, plus 21 tips to keep parents from talking during your show! All this and more allows you to work more, and make more money!Turn your show into non-stop laughter with the techniques you'll discover only in this book. Learn the psychology behind children's behavior and how to apply that to a successful show. Unlock the top 10 keys to performing memorable children's magic. Get the secrets to making parents laugh too, so you get hired again and again! Discover simple steps that make kids demand you for their party. Understand the differences in performing for different aged children. Six steps to getting the most entertainment from a child volunteer. Solving the tip 19 problems of performing for children.
This is the first time David has released his routines to the magic community. These are his favorite routines from his hugely successful show. These will be the funniest routines you have ever performed. Five minutes with a Milk Pitcher that will change your show completely. The funniest Mis-Made Flag routine you have ever seen. Win your audience over with a charming routine to perform with very shy children, even 3-year-olds can be stars with this trick. Step-by-step instruction on how to create your own hilarious routines.
David Kaye is a full-time professional magician and writes a monthly column about performing magic for children in MAGIC magazine. His shows have been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, and even the Late Show With David Letterman. He performs more than 300 shows a Year! Pages 163 - Hard Bound

21. Vis a Vis A Jack Avis Book-$32

22. Korem Without limits- Danny Korem-$28
Quality and uniqueness have been a hallmark of Danny Korem's material and career. He has never written, or produced, a text that has not become a bestseller. Korem Without Limits is his finest contribution yet, to the art. Included in this 8 1/2" x 11" book are such effects as Jumping Shuttle Pass, New Wave Chopcup, The Omni Deck, and 22 others. A must for the serious magician. 181 pages, over 400 photos, hardbound.

23. Rising To Any Occasion- Ken Klosterman- $100
Number 182 out of 200. Mentalism Book Test. Cookbook. BY Salon De Magie

24.Lot of 17 Hypnosis and Mentalism Books $65
How to do Headline Predictions*Mental magic with cards*Practical Hypnotism*Quick Hypnotic Tricks*Annemanns Mental Bargain Effects*25 Lessons in Hypnotism*Hypnosis quarterly 1957*Best of Mental Wise*Entertaining with Hypnotism*Hypnotricks*Phantinis Lost Book of Mental Secrets*One man Mental Magic*Zufalls Memory Trix Facts and Figures*Zufalls Memory Trix Memoring Numbers* Volta Mind Reading*Technique of the Private Reader*Nelsons Supermentality

25. Dynamic Mentaism- Stanton Carlisle-$25
Supreme Magic

26. Mentalism Deluxe- Stanton Carlisle-$25
Supreme Magic
27. The Center Flip and Other Cardtastrophes- Michael Schwartz-$20

28. Card Treats- Jacob Taub, M.D.-$15
A visual Manual on some card sleights including text on some card routines. Fully Illustrated.

29. The Expositor-William Frederick Pinchbeck-$36
First published in 1805, The Expositor was the first American book ever published on the art of magic. Original editions of this classic are some of the rarest books in the annals of conjuring, but with this hardbound reprint, magicians may once again let William Pinchbeck shed light on many mysteries including the invisible lady and acoustic temple, seven feats of Mr. Ranie performing in America, the art of ventriloquism including the use of a figure and miscellaneous tricks and "optical delusions." Hardbound.

30.Safety Magic for Children- Karl Wagner-$40
David Ginn Presents

31. Still More Conjuring For the Church- J. B. Maxwell-$5
20 religious themed magic routines. Devoe Magic 1973.

32. Las Vegas Close Up- Paul Harris- $20
Chuck Martinez Presents. 1978

33. Showmanship For Magicians- Dariel Fitzkee- $25
Fourth Edition 1945. Excellent Shape. Showmanship for magicians is worthy or careful and repeated readings by every magician. We cannot imagine any magical enthusiast reading the book without being goaded into thought. It sets forth definite, specific measures for making magic entertaining. We regard this book as an important contribution to magical literature. The best treatise on showmanship thet we expect to see for many a day.

34. Trix & Chatter- Dorny-$40

35. Scarnes Magic Tricks- John Scarne-$12
1951. hardbound. 200 best tricks anyone can do. Famous tricks of the worlds foremost magicans selected by John Scarne as best for performance with simple props and without sleight of hand.

36. Magic and Mystery, The Incredible Psychic Investigations of Houdini and Dunniger-$12

37. Close- Up Fantasies Book 1- Paul Harris-$75
Excellent Condition. Hardbound 1980. Chuck Martinez presents.

38. Conjuring as a Craft- Ian Adair- $23
The secrets of conjuring are here entertainingly explained stage by stage, so that the reader can build up a genuine skill- or else just enjoy learning how tricks are done. The presentation of tricks and illusions, close-up miracles and mind reading feats, even sleight-of-hand magic, is described, and most of the items have a new twist added. The author is a well known professional conjuror and throughout the book introduces new and different effects which he has invented himself. Action photographs of the conjurers hands at work assist where necessary in explaining the secret moves. Anyone who wishes to learn a fes conjuring tricks amuse the family or for social events will discover here how to be entertaining to an audience.

39. Rim Shots- Harry Lorayne-$50
You may know of Harry Lorayne for his memory training books. He is also a treasured author of books of card magic for magicians. Like most of Lorayne's writing this book is intended for people who are already familiar with most of the standard basic and intermediate sleights. Softbound. 1973

40. Routined Manipulation- Lewis Ganson-$30
Hardbound. Part one. London.

41. Close up Card Magic- Harry Lorayne- $150
1st edition 1962

42. Kid stuff- Vol one- Frances Ireland- $10
1954. This is the first volume of a great series. 96 pages of good, practical, tested material, with working routines, all bits of business, patter, handling, etc. Contents include: Clown Alley, Magic and Safety Shows for Kids, National Safety Council material, Magic and Fire Prevention Shows, Approaches to the Kid Show, Glamourizing the Kid Show, Shopping for Kid Tricks, Punch & Judy, the Famous Lecture on Working for Kids, Heartbreak Circuit, and other helpful material for children's shows. Illustrated with photos and sketches.

43. Kid stuff- Vol. two- Frances Marshall-$7
1974. Loaded with audience tested tricks, routines, patter, ideas, suggestions. Includes three completely routined shows, all from professional, working magicians: The Mickey Mouse Magic Shop (Bob Lotz), The Railroad Trip (Capt. Louis Bertol), The Magic Laundry (Bruce Posgate). Plus material by Johnny Girodmaine, Tommy Windsor, Joe Palen, a section on Patter for kids, etc. illustrated.

44. Kid Stuff- Vol. three- Frances Marshall- $7
1970. Contains three complete routined shows from the repertoires of working magicians: Duck's Birthday Party, Children's Safety Show, Magic Castle, by Piet Forton. Also, Magic for Kids in Hospitals, Peter D'Arcy's routines, How to be a Clown, quick, cheap, and easy, Close Up Clown Gags, Alice in Magicland, a theme routined around a clever prop. Fifteen audience tested TV skits involving clowns, many with magic. All have been televised. Plus much more. Jam packed with material which other performers are using now to make money-get in on it! All good, reliable, audience tested, and fun to see, fun to do.

45. Kid Stuff- Vol. Four- Frances Marshall- $7
1974. Bigger than any of the others, with thirty three tricks to make, or to revise from tricks you now own, for your kid show. A section of tricks and routines by Bruce Armstrong, the �Uncle Max� of Canadian television. Kid Party ideas by Maggie the Clown. Information on gifts and trinkets for the kids - the giveaways. Patter Presentations by Jane Jarrow. Guide to Blue and Gold Banquet Work, with a Cub Scout trick. The Santa Claus bit. Verbal gags for kids. Routines by Phil Foxwell, Phillip Wilmarth, Piet Forton. Sixty items in all, many illustrations. A 128 page book.

46. Kid Stuff Six- Frances Marshall- $7
The final volume of the Kid Stuff Series. An Excellent book full of ideas for performances for children!

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