Karl Germain

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Karl Germain

Postby Lisa Cousins » March 26th, 2002, 10:25 am

In August of 2000 I won on Ebay what was to me a priceless treasure: fourteen pages of notes, written by Karl Germain, concerning his views on the powers of mind. I had been following a private fascination for this magician, attracted by both his elegant magic and his spiritual aspect. I read these notes, which concern themselves with the fusion of the ideal and the real, with a pounding heart, and I have always considered them a wonder.

An interest in magic history is a rarified taste; an interest in Karl Germain a small subset of that small group; an interest in Germain's spiritual views a miniscule subset of that already tiny subset. I therefore estimate that there are perhaps six people in the world who would care about these pages and their contents.

From the first, I have longed to share my treasure with the estimated six. I expected that this would happened through their inclusion in the Miracle Factory Germain book, but they were cut from the final version. I then figured that the mythic half-dozen must read Genii, so I offered them to Richard K., who correctly pointed out that the material veered too far from magic (with a small "m" - Germain's ideas here are all of the Magic-with-a-capital-M variety) to be appropriate for Genii. I am therefore seeking the six of you through this Forum. You are one of the six if you have interest in:

-- Karl Germain
-- the spiritual aspects of magic
-- the eccentric points of view of historial magicians.

If this is you, please send me a private e-mail, and I will reply with the pages as a Word document. If this is you, you'll love what you receive.

Mystically thine,

Lisa Cousins

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