Magic/Magician trading cards

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Magic/Magician trading cards

Postby Bill Mullins » December 30th, 2001, 12:46 pm

I've been a trading card (nonsports) collector for 20 years, longer
than I've been in magic. When I caught the magic bug, I realized that
there is some overlap between the two hobbies -- there are many trading
cards featuring tricks (see Burton Sperber's collection of 1888
Duke Cigarette's "Tricks with Cards" featured in Magic Magazine last
summer, plus many sets since then, from products like gum, candy, lunch
meats, cereal, popcorn), and featuring magicians (I've got cards with
Ricky Jay, Houdini, Penn and Teller, Dante, Copperfield, both
Blackstones, and others). There are at least three booklets on
the subject (by Chris Pratt, Burton Sperber, and Patrick Findley), but
they mostly concentrate on U.K. cards, and are incomplete on North
American cards.

I would like:

1. to exchange info with other collectors with similar interests.

2. to acquire cards that I don't have.

3. to know about cards that I don't have, even if you don't want
to release them from your collections (in other words, I won't pester
anyone to trade/sell if they don't want to).

I'm particularly looking for examples of trading cards printed by the
"vanity presses" (like Big League Cards; see: ) that some magicians have made
for use as "business cards". If you are a magician, clown, juggler,
balloon twister, street performer, whatever, and you've had such cards
printed, I'd like to get one. Also, if you've had custom "throw out"
cards or business cards printed on blank Bicycle cards stock (see:
Gibson Magic cards: ), I'd really like to get examples of those. I'd send SASE's, and pay for the cards as well.

Thanks very much for any help anyone can give --

Bill Mullins

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