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Videos for sale

Postby Bob » August 4th, 2002, 8:40 pm

Videos for sale:

1) Sleight of Dave-The Award Winning Magic of David Williamson. Excellent condition. Contains:
Spectator Cuts to 4 Kings
Torn and Restored Transposition
Kooky Koins
Containers & Spheres (2 cup cup and ball routine lots of really nice touches)
The 3 Card Trick
Rocky Racoon

Lots of strong material, and lots of humor. $23, plus $4 shipping (priority mail).

2) Dave 2-More Magic & Laughs with David Williamson. Excellent condition. Contains:
The Ribauld Rag
Must Be Somethin I Ate (Coin routine)
Damn Grapes
Gone Sour Over the Weekend (4 Ace routine)
Ring & Rope (A close up trick that he played to an entire auditorium)
Pierced Quarter
Matrix (its not what you expect as to the method, as this can be done on a variety of surfaces, not just your close up mat)
51 Cards to Pocket (gag-pulling the signature from a signed card)
Saline solution

More strong material and more humor. $23, plus $4 shipping (priority mail).

3) Paul Wilson The Restaurant Act. Contains:
Vanishing Silk
Sponge Balls
Ambitious Card
Card to Wallet
Chop Cup
Bits of business for working professionally in a restaurant setting.

Excellent condition. $18, plus $4 shipping (priority mail).

4) Dan Sylvesters Sylvester-Pitch 98. Continuously appear just about anything without gimmicks! Coins, decks of cards, mugs, salami, eggplants
Rare TV footage (of Dans acthilarious)
The Sylvester routine
Position and Angles
Eggplants & Steel Nuts
The 3 Variations
History of the Move
Appearing Big Objects
Earwax pays
Invisible Coin
Coin Through Hand
Coin Through Victim
Nosey Coin Through Face
Scared Coin
Raving ?
Coins AX
Sounds Familiar
Mega Vanish
Practicing Session
Bonus Trick

Excellent condition. $18, plus $4 shipping.

If you buy more than one item, the shipping will be adjusted.


Bob Phillips


Re: Videos for sale

Postby Guest » August 5th, 2002, 6:15 am

Are these new or used, copies or originals, Tapes or DVD's?

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