Magic for sale here...GOOD stuff, too!

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Magic for sale here...GOOD stuff, too!

Postby Guest » July 6th, 2007, 7:39 pm

I have a Crystal Cube to sell. Appears to be Ickle Pickle. Like new, 6" square with the mylar rainbow tape on the edges. $45 and shipping, no silks or production items included, just the cube.

Also, a LIKE NEW set of Tricky Bottles for sale. These are the originals with the "Grant's Black Cherry Soda" glass bottles, red, crackle-finish tubes. $40 and shipping.

Matching set of SIX 36 inch "Flash Silks" from Rice/Silk King Studios. They ARE hallmarked on the bottom right corners, too! These aren't listed on the current NEW Rice site as being produced or for sale. This is a full set of 6 (six) silks, each with a different center color. A flash silk has a large circle of color in the center, with circles radiating outwards. The outer (square) border of each 36" silk matches the center color. Red, orange, green, purple, blue and yellow are the colors and are still bright and new, and the silks themselves look brand new, aside from the fold marks. No wear, no rotting, no pinholes or fading and no waterspots. I have the set of six and an extra purple to match. These would be beautiful today, and are even more beautiful since they were made and originally purchased in the 1960s! Your typical Rice/SKS 36" silk sells for around $50 these days, and that's what I'm asking...$350 for this beautiful set. Have 'em framed, display 'em, use 'em or just store 'em (that's what I've done with 'em for the last 15 years!), whatever you want. They need a new home.

FINALLY...a Wolf's Magic "Sobriety Test" for sale. Complete, never performed. Couple of the items/parts never unwrapped. New, it's $1195.00 and shipping. This one can be yours for $900.00 and shipping. WHAT an item. If you like/love the Blow Yur Stack, this takes it to a whole new level! AND...there is a routine for performing it for children/family audiences, too..not just the winos out there!

Steve Thomas
17 Highland Place
Oxford MS 38655

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