Books & Tamariz effect for sale

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Books & Tamariz effect for sale

Postby Guest » December 23rd, 2002, 11:48 am

1. Satori, Making Contact: The real secrets of contact mindreading. Paperback 68pgs. Published by H&R Magic. Price $50

2. Kabballa Vol 2 First edition (1981) 93pgs. Jon Racherbaumer & Danny Korem. $35

3. Cardfile by Jerry Mentzer 237 pages. $25

4. Juan Tamariz's The Three Goblets. Full instructions, gimmicks and props. $25

5. French Pasteboards by Bernard Bilis (1980) 63 pages. $15

6. Advanced Fingertip Control by Ed Marlo (1970) 156pgs #341 $30

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