FS: Ed Alonzo's Jack in the box

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FS: Ed Alonzo's Jack in the box

Postby Guest » November 15th, 2005, 9:51 am

Effect:Based on Martin Lewis' Cardiographic: An audience member picks a drawing from a giant coloring book.

The magician then attempts to predict what picture was chosen by drawing on his sketch pad, but he draws the wrong picture!

The magician then adds a few lines his old prediction turning it into a Jack in the Box.

When Jack in the Box music begins, a clown magically rises from the box.

This new picture - the correct prediction is torn from the pad, shown to be ungimmicked, and then given to the volunteer as a souvenir.

Includes a gimmicked coloring book, stencils, drawing pad, and supplies for many future performances. Also includes audiocassette with original "Jack in the Box" music.

This is new, never drawn on. I have seen them priced from $150 to $130. Yours for $100 plus shipping.

Paypal Prefered

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