The Best I've Seen in 10 Years

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The Best I've Seen in 10 Years

Postby Pete Biro » June 14th, 2003, 10:14 am

That's what Mike Caveney said after seeing Armando Lucero in the Close-Up room at the Magic Castle last night.

I had to agree.

He did a show for us at Lunch Friday and blew everybody, and I mean some serious players, away.

He has skill. He has repertoire. He is funny. He is original.

Tried to get in to see him again but the line was a mile long. He worked three shows "early close up" and another magician did the late shows.

Then, due to demand... Armando did an added show at around 1:00 am (I couldn't stay, darnit, as my guests had to leave).

Anyway... if you hear he's working anywhere GO SEE HIM... (he lives in Las Vegas).
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