Daryl's Encyclopedia on DVD

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Daryl's Encyclopedia on DVD

Postby Guest » June 3rd, 2004, 8:40 pm

Hello all,

:help: I am in search of any or all of the Daryl encyclopedia of card sleights DVD's. I'm hoping to find them in the $15-$20 range per DVD. I'm willing to trade if that is possible.

I have:

3 volumes of Doc Eason
4 volumes (each containing 2 videos) of David Roth
Yves Doumergue's Ripped and Restored
Shoot Ogawa The Ninja Rings
2 volumes of Ammar Complete Cups and Balls
Jay Sankey Paperclipped
Jay Sankey 22 Blows to the Head



email to: genii @ the life god blesses . com (remove spaces)

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