CloseUp Videos: $15 Each!

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CloseUp Videos: $15 Each!

Postby Mitch Praver » November 5th, 2002, 9:13 am

All videos are in very good condition. Tapes are $15 each (plus $5 per order for S & H). Requests will be satisfied on a first-come, first-served basis – based on the time your E-mail was sent to me at . I prefer payment by Paypal, but will accept a check or money order, too. I hope that you enjoy these tapes as much as I have.

1) Kevin James Presents: The Floating Rose Video
2) Harry Lorayne: World's Best Teacher, Entertainer, etc. Vol. 4
3) Darwin Ortiz Card Shark (Vol. 1) included The Showdown, The Cross, Four to One and The One-Handed Poker Deal.
4) Darwin Ortiz Card Shark (Vol. 3) includes Blockbuster, Mr. Lucky, Time and Again and more.
5) The Revolutionary Coin Magic of Jay Sankey -- includes Mr. Clean Coins Across, Plastic Surgery, No Jacket Required, KISS Transpo and more.
6) Ken Krenzel: Up Close (Vol. 5) -- includes The Bewildering Coin, Balducci Extraction, Dropsey Vanish and more.
7) Workers Video Series: 100 Minutes with Michael Close -- includes The Frog Prince, Ring and Shoelace routine, El Cheepo Magic Club and more.
8) Convention at the Capital 1999 – starring Aldo Colombini, Paul Green, Lee Earle, Gregory Wilson, Paul Wilson and Chad Long.
9) The Art of Hopping Tables: Magic Menu's Video of the Year Featuring Mark Leveridge (Vol. 1 Insights/Vol. 2 Effects) (2 X $15).
10) The Tommy Wonder Video – includes The Shrinking Box, Ambitious Card Routine, Two-Second Card Fold, Squeeze, The Psychological Deck Switch.
11) The Complete Cups and Balls – Michael Ammar (Vol. 1) – Includes beginning sleights, Loading Ball, Faking the Load, Routining Tips.
12) David's Roth's Expert Coin Magic Made Easy (Vol. 1) Note: This great volume is not part of the L&L DVD series. Basic Coin Magic Sleights.
13) Eugene Burger's Magical Voyages (Part 2): A Voyage to the Unreal World – includes The Card in the Hat, The Five Gifts of Life, The Wagers of Sin, Corner in the Glass.
14) Dai Vernon: An Interview 1974: Parts 1 & 2 (2 X $15).


Re: CloseUp Videos: $15 Each!

Postby Guest » November 19th, 2002, 8:05 pm

Still have Tommy Wonder Video?

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