Must sell - magic and mentalism

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Must sell - magic and mentalism

Postby David Fletcher » February 8th, 2005, 1:53 pm

Unless noted these are in mint or new condition.

PLEASE contact me directly at

Purchaser pays shipping (insurance is your option). PayPal, cash, check or money order

PLEASE include your city and zip code with inquiry so I can get the actual mailing cost.

If you have any questions about any item check with dealer web sites or contact me.

ACE HIGH. Jumbo three card monte routine. 13 3/4 by 9. This is a stage size version of Michael Skinners Ultimate Three Card Monte, except here the black 3 is a regular card rather than the black two. No manufacturer is listed. $12

BALANCE, Mark Elsdon. A deck of regular cards is shown and the entire deck is placed on the outstretched fingertips between your two hands. One hand is removed and the entire deck remains suspended from the tips of the fingertips. Gimmick is Red Bicycle. $5 bin/hazel.cgi?client=72078445&action=detail&item=005418

CATN HAT, T. A. Hamilton. Green and white striped Catn Hat. Hamiltons are the best made. Never worn or used. $6

CIGARETTE THROUGH PLAYING CARD (OR PEN OR PENCIL), An absolutely beautiful, completely indetectable gimmick in blue Bicycle card. Cigarette or pencil or straw through a playing card. Can be examined. Instructions and routine. $7

DROP OUT. No instructions. Never even opened. If you need an extra one, here it is for only $1

EGG BAG. There are two classic egg bags. Cotton. One is an autumn leaf design, one has little flowers. These are unused, from the sixties. $10 each, both for $15

FISHBOWL PRODUCTION, Rich Marotta. Produce a fishbowl (with fish, seaweed and water that splashes from bowl) from a small purse. $150 ... at=&page=1

FOO CAN, Morrissey Magic. 7 1/2 high. Heavy copper. Absolutely beautiful. Mint - never used. $45

GEORGES SEALED SURPRISE, George Schindler. A selected card vanishes from a borrowed pack and appears REVERSED in a SEALED pack. $5

GLASS SUSPENSION. A one half inch thick lucite dowel is placed across the mouths of two clear plastic tumblers. Lift the rod and the glasses are suspended from the rod. You can turn your hand upside down and the glasses stay attached to the rod. Includes the two tumblers, the gimmicked dowel and a plain dowel if you want to switch it in for wxamination by the spectators. $3

GOZINTA BOXES. Very nice boxes in plastic; one is white, one is blue. Exterior measurements: 2 and 1/8 inches by 1 and 7/8 inches by 2 and 1/16 inches. never used. $2 ... at=&page=1

GREAT EIGHT, Scott Guinn. Scotts version of the eight card trick. Eight cards (two sets of four duplicates) become ten cards and then turn into altogether different cards in a surprising finale. $7

HAVING A BALL, Scott Guinn. Overcomes the repitition usually found in the two in the hand - one in the pocket routines. This features a couple of color changes, perpetual balls from mouth, balls across, as well as the two inthe hand... phases. Scott is no longer selling his priducts and routines. Everything included. $7

HUMMINGBIRD REEL, John Kennedy. Worlds smallest electronic reel. Never used (or even taken out of the box). $42 ... product=10

ITR. INVISIBLE THREAD REEL. The original. I cant find the instructions, but this was NEVER used. In its origianl package. $15

JUMBO COINS. All are 3 inches. One Roosevelt Dime. Three Indian Head Nickels. Nice weight to them. $3 each. All four for $10

JUMBO DECKS. Jumbo playing cards. These are the same size as the jumbo Bicycle cards, but the deck is thinner. Plastic coated - they are durable. 16 decks. $3 each. $40 for all of them

JUMPING STOOL. This is the prop Terry Seabrooke made famous! It's not a magic trick, but a beautiful visual gag! Throughout your act, a small camp stool sits on the stage. It can be used to hold small props, or just as a piece of stage setting. When you finish your last effect, almost as an afterthought, walk over to the stool, step on it and the stool jumps almost three feet in the air!
This is the oringinal made of beautiful hardwood. Never used. Sold for $60. This one for $30 ... at=&page=1

JUST PASSIN THRU, Russ Niedzwiecki. The ultimate pencil thru bill. $10 ... at=&page=1

KILLER RED CAPS, Roger Monaco. Great mentalism. $14 ... tem=004125

KING MONTE/GIANT MONTE, Dave Powell, Phil Goldstein.
Here is a truly jumbo version of the three card monte. This is the one many of you may have seen on various TV specials done by Goldfinger and Dove. Three giant Bicycle back cards (9 1/2" x 14"). Each card is gimmicked with a cleverly hidden slide mechanism that allows you to change a King of Clubs to a Queen of Hearts simply by the way you turn the card. The fact that each of the cards can change any time you wish allows for greater variations and routines. Well made plastic cards. They pack flat and show up on the largest of stages. Brand new. $75 ... tem=005272

KOORNWINDER KAR & KOORNWINDER CARD CONTROL, Dick Koornwinder. Genuine Koornwinder Kar and instruction booklet. Numbered. Brand new, never used. This is the original version, not the lego version. I can send a jpg photo. Includes KAR and gimmicked cards for HIS CARD CONTROL. $115

MAGIC OF CHRISTMAS - PROGRAM FOR MAGICIANS, John Kaplan. Complete show script and resources plus Book Gigs Like Crazy! marketing tool kit plus complete video of the show. Never viewed or used. Sells for $200. $125 ... istmas.htm

MALINI EGG BAG, Max Malini, Danny Tong. Put out by Magic Inc. Includes instructions for blowing an egg. $18 ... tem=003599

MENTAL KEY, Ray Carlyle. Ray found the best key ever for this effect (it rolls in your hand or their hand). He had it treated so it looks old. He includes the real work on this PK effect. $12

MIRACLE OF THE EIGHTIES (8Ts THAT IS), A. Berkeley Davis. A deck that is punched in a set up way (some are punched, some arent) to perform truly strong effects. Deck, instructions, routine(s). $15

MONEY MAKER, S.S. Adams. Roll in a piece of paper, out rolls a bill. $3

Three 60 minute audio tapes plus illustrated booklet unlocking the real secrets to making serious money in mentalism. Priceless tips, methods, techniques, etc. Brand new, never used. $40

MUGGED, Rich Marotta. This is straight out of Richs act. A hilarious routine. Still sealed. $45 ... at=&page=1

ONE HAND IN MY POCKET, Mark Elsdon. Card to pocket PLUS! Start with one hand in a pocket. They choose a card, you cant find it. Remove hand that has been in your pocket - there is their card. $5

PAPER TO BILLS, Magic Showcase. Instantaneously, slips of paper change to the same number of real bills. Includes instructions and routine - set up with stage bills for easy learning. $3

PEANUT, BUTTER AND JELLY, Great Scott. This is Scotts great (no pun intended) sponge ball routine. Includes 3 balls, purse frame and Sanada gimmick. Different and fun. $8

PEERLESS BILL TUBE, Viking-Haenchen. Locking bill tube, brass, top of the line. In sealed package. $40

PENETRUSION, John Paltry. This is cigarette INTO coin but not through coin. Push a cigarette into the head side of a coin. Turn the coin over - there is no cigarette. Gone! No palming, no gimmicked coin or cigarette. You are completely clean. If you want to you can remove the cigarette from the center of the coin. Beautiful effect. $7

PERFECT BEND, Erez Moshe. Great spoonbending. $25 ... at=&page=1

PERPETUAL BALLS, Supreme Magic. Complete illustrated instructions and routine. This is a two in the hand - one in the pocket type of routine. Some clever moves. Ball also goes to mouth. $1

PICK STICK, Magic Makers. Brass paddle trick with three holes. A peg jumps from one hole to the other. $15

PRECOGNITION DECK, Chris Kenworthy. Spectator names any card in the deck. It is the only one missing. Everything included. Easy to do - blow their mind. $17

QUICK CUT!, Chazpro. A quick and easy cut-n-restored rope trick. $1

SIDEWALK SHUFFLE (JUMBO), Martin Lewis. $10 ... at=&page=1

SPEED LIMIT, Steve Dacri. Show six cards - five show cars, one shows 55 MPH. The car cards are mixed up, some face up, some face down. Talk safety, speed limit, safe driving, etc. The cards instantly change into a reason to obey the speed llimit - RADAR. A funny driving tips routine. There are three sets. $4 each, all 3 for $10

STAGGERING, Magic Makers. Linking finger rings. A plated himber ring plus illustrated instructions and routine. $10

STAND UP MONTE, Garrett Thomas. Excellent 3 card monte routine that doesnt need a table. CArds with gimmick. $9 ... at=&page=1

STRAIGHT JACKET ESCAPE, Tannen. Heavy duck material, leather straps, brass buckles. Top quality gimmicked straight jacket. Others sell for less, but not this quality. Tannen sells this for $300. Must sell - This one $200 and then scroll down the page.

SWITCHAROO, Russell Niedzwiecki. Exchange a single card for another card; change a single card into a multiple of cards; exchange 5 cards for 5 different cards; even change 5 cards into one selected card. Switch prediction cards or envelopes; exchange regular cards for gimmicked cards. Right under the spectators' noses! Imagine changing four Kings into four Aces! Visually changing blank business cards into printed business cards. SwitchARoo can do it. Two cards are selected. One is signed and placed in the deck. The other is placed so that it extends from your shirt pocket. The card sticks well above the pocket. It never leaves the spectators' sight. Snap your fingers. The two cards, including the signature, change place. Make your Twisted Sister, B'Wave, etc. examinable with SwitchARoo. The cards you are switching never leave their sight. Switch cards in a split second with no sleight of hand. SwitchARoo executes a visible card switch right in front of your spectator's eyes! Super easy to perform. Comes complete with routines and ideas. PLUS THE VIDEO. $30 ... at=&page=1

TELEKINESIS FOR DINNER, Anton Corradin. Psychokinesis at the table (Dinner or otherwise)Invert winegless over borrowed ring. Suddenly the ring flings toward the spectator, sometimes even breaking the glass. $15 ... at=&page=1

TELEKINESIS KEY, Mario Gonzalez. A key and a metal ring are shown. Lay the key on your open palm and do the standard move where the key moves (rotates). Then place a handkerchief over the key and ring. When the handkerchief is removed the key is locked on the shank of ring. They can examine it until the cows come home. Before and after the ring is on the key. Key, ring, full routine and instructions. $15

THE KEY. Brass skeleton key. Twist the bit 90 degrees from original position. Visibly slide the bit down the shaft and immediately hand it out for inspection. Really teriffic PK. Mint. Instructions by Tim Hart. $35

THE PORTABLE LIE DETECTOR, J. Earl Nelson. An amazing device that is battery operated, easy to use, full of comedy and laughs. They answer questions, you control the PLD. If they lie it buzzes. Routines are included, use yoour own imagination for this great device. $125

THE TRABUCCO HOLDOUT, Victor Trabucco. Never even unwrapped. $80 ... o.*holdout

THREAD BOSS, The Sorcery Shop. Brand new. Never used. $35

TOOTHPICK TWISTER, Joe Porper. Great paddle trick. Brand new. Never used. $40

TREASURE VALLEY TWIST, Scott Guinn. 4 cards turn face up one at a time, then suddenly the backs are all different. Another Scott Guinn exclusive. $5

TRIPLE IMPACT, Matt Ellison. A triple prediction that is soooo clean. Spectator selects 3 cards from a red deck and places them in to 3 separate pockets of his choice. With no fishing or funny moves the magician/mind reading guru reaches into his top pocket and removes a blue backed prediction card, your spectator removes the red back card, which he freely placed in to his top pocket, and they match! (same card, same pocket). The magician now removes a card from his right hand pocket, the spectator does the same and they match (same card, same pocket, and remember the magician removes his prediction first so it is in full view). The magician reaches in to his left hand pocket and removes a card, the card is shown and yes it matches the spectator's card (once again same card, same pocket). Self working. $18

TWO CARD MONTE (WITH A TWIST). Put out by The Magicians Hat in Ohio. Do the standard two card monte routine but you end by turning over both cards - they are regular cards. Very cool way to blow off those who try to tip the trick. Bicycle cards and gimmick. Very easy. Instructions and gaffs. 4 sets. $2 each

UNDERGROUND TM INVISIBLE THREAD REEL PLUS DVD, Mark Allen. Denny considers this one of the best ITRs ever. Retail for $55. Both of these - brand new, still sealed. $30 ... tem=005748 ... tem=005749

VISIONS IN BLACK, Ted Karmilovich. His great design duplication effect. Very strong, yet very simple. No longer seems to be available. $60

WHICH-IS-WHICH. The standard two card monte. In Bicycle cards. Gaffs and instructions. 7 sets. $1 each

X-OTERIC FORCES - THE ULTIMATE OPEN PREDICTION, Basil Smith. Write down a prediction and place it aside, sight unseen. Bring out a deck of cards, shuffle it and hand it to a spectator along with a pen. The spectator holds the cards behind her back and marks any card with a large X. Your prediction is shown and it proves to be a perfect match to the spectator's selected card. No sleight-of-hand, switches or forces. $10 ... at=&page=1
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Re: Must sell - magic and mentalism

Postby Max Maven » February 8th, 2005, 2:23 pm

My name should not be attached to "King Monte."

The background on the trick is that in the 1980s, Ton Onosaka came up with a brilliant redesign on the wooden cards that were, I believe, first developed by S. S. Henry. Ton marketed his version as "Giant Monte," for which I wrote the English instructions. Some years later, Dave Powell started manufacturing the trick, using Ton's design without permission. That was eventually sorted out (mostly due to Ton being very nice about it). But, I had -- and have -- no direct connection to the Powell cards.

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Re: Must sell - magic and mentalism

Postby Richard Kaufman » February 8th, 2005, 6:10 pm

The design of the trick card itself is Theodore DeLand's "Wonder Change" from 1909 or so. When you make it with heavier materials, such as wood, you discover (as someone did) that the center section will slide on its own if you turn the card over instead of having to push it with your thumb or finger.

And Max's remark about Dave Powell reminds of when I found Claude Klingsor selling copies of Ton Onosaka's set of Diminishing Cards, with both the instruction sheet AND the designs of the cards copied without permission directly from Ton's original.
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Re: Must sell - magic and mentalism

Postby Guest » February 8th, 2005, 6:24 pm

Sent you and email about a few items I am interested in.


Re: Must sell - magic and mentalism

Postby Guest » February 9th, 2005, 8:44 am

Money sent

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