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Postby Guest » May 1st, 2002, 9:10 am

I am selling copies of my booklet which I released in 2001. This is full of usefull effects that are perfect for the close-up magician! Here is a list of the effects in the booklet! This is great Card Magic, you will not be dissapointed!


Effect: Twisting the Ace's meets Reset…The performer displays 4 Aces and 4 Jacks. The aces are set aside and a twisting sequence is performed with the Jacks, ending with all the Jacks face down. Next they are turned over to reveal that they have changed into the 4 aces! Finally, the Jacks are revealed to have transposed with the Aces that were previously on the table!


Effect: Mr. Magic does a kick ass 4 Ace production that simply knocks out his audience! Fast and Flashy!

All over the Place

Effect: The four Jacks are up-jogged out of the pack displayed and then removed, the deck is set aside. Next one by one the face up Jacks turn face down. The Jacks are handed to the spectator he or she blows on the cards causing them to change into the 4 aces! For the kicker ending all four Jacks are found to have traveled to four different pockets on the magician. Killer Version of Travlers!

Easy Card to Wallet

Effect: A spectator selects and signs a card, lets say the 10 of clubs. After doing so the card is replaced and left protruding out of the deck. The deck is then handed to the spectator for her to square the card and shuffle the deck. As soon as she is done shuffling, the magician announces that before the trick began he placed a prediction card in his wallet. The magician stated, “My prediction tells me that your card was the 10 of clubs but the most interesting thing is that it tells me how you sign your name!” When the card is shown it proves to be the signed 10 of clubs. Great New Version almost no Palming! You'll See! Very Clever! This was published in Magic Insider!

Criminal Card Trick

Effect: A signed selection jumps from the deck to underneath the card box several times, and for a encore, the selection is placed in the center of the deck, and with a gentle squeeze the entire deck vanishes and you are left holding only the signed selection. While the deck waits patiently under the card box, until you look back and everyone notices! You have Successfully FRIED your audience. Have fooled some of the Best with this one!

If you are interested in getting a copy e-mail me!
The cost is $10 and free postage!

Rick Castro

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