"Genii" padlock trick?

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"Genii" padlock trick?

Postby Guest » September 18th, 2002, 2:43 pm

Can anybody out there tell me what I've bought?!!

I bought a "lucky bag" at an auction which included this.

A padlock without a conventional key, but rather a little tag which sits in a recess in the side of padlock, possibly magnetic? When applied to the recess it frees the hasp of the padlock.
One tag on a key chain, one on a pull. A finger ring was included , so I guess it's supposed to lock on the padlock. Piece of card in package with scribble
"padlock and gimmick. AS Hunter."
Manufacturer or previous owner ? I don't know.

Perhaps its the GENII logotype on padlock and tag that intrigues me most, but that may just be coincidental and be a brandname in Taiwan where padlock is from.

Any clues, folks? can email apic if anybody else is intrigued.

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