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Postby Guest » July 13th, 2007, 2:30 pm

Hello everyone,

It is time to clean out the magic closet. Please take a look what I have for sale.
Most items are used, but all are in perfect working condition, and some are brand new. Instruction included.
Pictures are available upon request for serious buyers only. Price and description are listed next to each item.

For a limited time, I am throwing in one free gift for every purchase of 2 or more items together. This is a first come first serve deal, and I can not hold any item. Please specify which gift you would like upon purchase. Only one gift per purchase.

Free gifts:
1) Leather card-holder case: Will hold two decks of cards, or business cards. Used, but still in excellent condition. Playing cards not included.
2) Plastic thumb tip and small red silk 8x8. New.
3) Card vanishing case: New. Will vanish one single playing card.
4) Pen through dollar: Black BIC style gimmick pen. Used just a few times.

Payment: I accept PayPal only.

Returns: I do not accept any returns, as these are not only gimmicks, but secrets I am selling.

Shipping: Please remember I am charging a Standard Flat Rate for shipping within US only. Your item will be shipped within 24hrs of cleared payment.
West coast and mid-state shipping: $5
East coast shipping: $10

Please contact me if you have any questions with the E-mail address provided below.
Thank you!

* Fan Fire by Michael Lair: $15
Great for stage manipulation.
* Color Monte: $5
* Fantasio Appearing Cane (plastic): $15
Excellent for stage manipulation magic.
* Fantasio Appearing Candle (plastic): $15
Great for candle manipulation routine on stage.
* The Rose effects: $15
Stage magic. I am throwing in another similar gimmicked rose with a lighter color for free upon purchase!
*Abbott's Magic improved card producer: $3
Gimmick for stage card manipulation.
* Vernet's multiplying golf balls: $40
These golf balls are made of compounded rubber, will always stay white, and have the perfect balance, for ease of manipulation and palming. They will never get hard or crack or lose their bounce. Also, they are completely washable and non-toxic.
* Flash four ball production: $35
A perfect finish to Vernets multiplying golf balls routine. Production of 4 golf balls in a flash!
* Ronjo Ring Flight: $25
* Auto lit vanishing torch: $40
A clean vanish of a lit torch.
* Thumb-cuff + Hand-cuff: $30
These are real cuffs, not gimmicked. Perfect for escape artist. Just like new, used only a few times.
* Finger Flasher: $3
Perfect for lighting flash paper quickly. Flash paper not included.
* Disappearing Card Case: $5
Close up or stand up magic
* Vernet's magic finger: $3
Soft rubber thumb tip, tanish color. New.
* Choose your Queen: $3
Excellent close up packet card trick. New.
* Three Chinese Rings booklet: $5
Lewis Ganson
*Dai Vernons Symphony of the Rings booklet: $5
Lewis Ganson.
* Oripha's cage: $20
Production of a bird cage in a flash. Live bird not included.
* Kid's show black hand gag: $8
Perfect for kids party magic show.
* Royal Magic 3-way coloring book: $5
Close up or stage, excellent magic for kids show.
* Break-away wand: $3
Perfect for kids show. Black wand with white tips.
* Gizmo glass: $40
Liquid appear and disappear inside the glass in a flash! Used only once.
* Push out gimmick: $3
Silk producer for stage magic.
* Vanishing Metal Cane: $20
New, opened once only to make sure it's working. No need to worry about rust or oil.

Randy Niu
1269 crestpoint drive San Jose, CA 95131
E: Dongza3@yahoo.com
P: 408-452-1316



Postby Guest » July 19th, 2007, 11:04 am

Price has been reduced! Please take a look. I have picture for each item listed, so feel free to E-mail me. Thanks!

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