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Matthew Field
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Welcome Dick Koornwinder

Postby Matthew Field » September 16th, 2001, 10:52 am

When I signed on today I read the good news that the Genii Forum's newest member is Dick Koornwinder. What great news!

The originator of the Koornwinder Car, the Koornwinder Card and much more, it is a pleasure to have him with us here at the Forum. Welcome!

Matt Field

Steve Hook
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Re: Welcome Dick Koornwinder

Postby Steve Hook » September 16th, 2001, 4:06 pm

Hi, Dick:

Do you remember lecturing in North Carolina in the late Dick Snavely's magic basement back in the mid '80s? It was a great lecture which we all enjoyed, though there was that ONE THING.....

You saw my card case and asked to borrow it (in order to do your gag of the sardine can "unwinding" of the card case.)

Unfortunately, back in the youthful enthusiasm of my youth, I had spent about 30 minutes that afternoon Scotch Taping that card case inside and out for walk-around sturdiness. :eek:

I had just shown it to my buddies about 20 minutes earlier. You couldn't understand why they were all laughing so loudly during the gag. :D To be honest, Dick, I was not as amused... :(

But that was then and this is now! Welcome to the Forum! :)

Steve H

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Paul Green
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Re: Welcome Dick Koornwinder

Postby Paul Green » September 17th, 2001, 10:36 pm

Hi all,

Like Matt, I welcome Dick to the group. He is a great performer. He is also one of the nicest guys in Magic.

He also is a great Kar salesperson. I have over a dozen of them. Good mileage! Great resale value.


Paul Green

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