Al Cohn

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Al Cohn

Postby Guest » November 13th, 2003, 11:37 am

I posted the following inquiry on another part of the forum yesterday, but I'm new here and I think I went to the wrong place. I'm posting it again in a more appropriate place. Please forgive the duplication:

I have been trying to get basic information on Al Cohn who ran a shop in NYC. (Despite the similarity of names, he is not the same man as Al Cohen of Washington, DC.) Mr. Cohn had a little renown in his day as the Sponge Ball King. What I know is that he had a shop in NYC until about 1951 when he retired to Miami. He had a shop there, too--I believe it was called either The Magic Shop or Al's Magic Shop. He participated in the Magic (or Magicians') Roundtable in Miami, but I don't know anything about that organization except that they met at the now-defunct MacArthur Hotel. There was a 1951 article in the Saturday Evening Post that put his age at 55, making his birth year 1895-96. According to the Internet, he died sometime in the 1980s. I'd like to get his correct life dates, plus the name of his shop in Florida. (If you know anything about the Magic or Magicians' Roundtable in Miami, I'd appreciate it, too.)

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