Merv Taylor Card Sword

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Merv Taylor Card Sword

Postby Guest » December 24th, 2003, 1:18 pm

Not long ago a Merv Taylor Card Sword came into my possession, which I consider to be a very good thing indeed. But it came without instructions which, I hasten to say,I do not need for informational purposes (I am entirely capable of smiting myself on the side of the head with a bullet attached to an elastic cord without written directions, thank you) but which it would be nice to have for the sake of completeness.

If - and only if - there are no copyright issues (as far as I know, the Taylor instructions were not copyrighted and the Owen instructions for their current sword are, I think, a separate document) is there someone out there who is in possession of the instructions who would be willing to make a copy available for purchase?

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