Question Concerning Carter Advertising

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Question Concerning Carter Advertising

Postby Guest » August 12th, 2005, 12:43 pm

I have come across a piece of Carter advertising that appears by its printing and paper aging to be original. I have not seen an example of this piece before and would appreciate any thoughts anyone has concerning authenticity as well as any other information anyone cares to share.

The piece appears to be advertising material. A single sheet of approximately 20 lb. probably better quality wood pulp paper (similar in nature to, but slightly lighter than, the Strobridge and Otis posters were printed , 19 (horizontal) x 7 (vertical). Its folded in half to make a four page device with dimensions of 9 7/8 (horizontal) x 7 (vertical). The front and back depict two of Carters posters, printed within approximately 9/16 page borders.

The front-page poster is the globe poster (showing Carter along the right side in evening dress, holding and gazing intently into a hand-sized globe. Above the poster (outside its margins) is printed in black Coming! The Marvels of The thousand and One Nights Outdone! Coming! Below the poster, See newspapers for particulars.

The back-page bears an example of the Modern Priestess Of Delphi/ Levitation/Elongated Maiden poster. Above it See newspapers for particulars. Below it, Myriad Modern Masterful Mysteries That Paragon Description!

Each interior page contains two depictions of Carter posters printed nearly to the edges. From left to right: Cheating the Gallows, The Vanishing Elephant, the vertical version of the globe bearing the legend When CARTER dies the secrets of his great miracles die with him!, and a spirit cabinet poster Carter demonstrates the feasibility of affiliation with unseen powers

All four-color printing; the printer or lithographers name is nowhere that I can find. It even appears to have been left out of the posters depicted. Im not sure whether the piece is printed or lithographed.

If this is an actual period piece, my guess is that its a handbill that was distributed via advance people, prior to arrival of the show and postering. Does anyone know anything about this piece?

Thanks in advance.


Re: Question Concerning Carter Advertising

Postby Guest » August 13th, 2005, 10:08 pm

Dear John,

As a suggestion you should consult Mike Caveney's work on Carter. The deluxe edition of this work came with original material from the show. If you can't find your answer here get in contact with Mike Caveney he probably knows more about Carter than anyone having purchased the remaining contents of his show and print advertisements.


Garry Hayes
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Re: Question Concerning Carter Advertising

Postby Garry Hayes » August 14th, 2005, 6:35 am

I have emailed you some info on the Carter Brochure. The brochure contained smaller enlightments of 8 sheet Carter Posters. Those 8 sheet posters were printed by Otis Lithograph Company.
Garry Hayes

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