Zarlington Players

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Zarlington Players

Postby Guest » July 31st, 2005, 7:57 pm

In the 70's my small elementary school in Texas was visited by the Zarlington Players each year. The Zarlington Players were an elderly couple who performed magic and a silly puppet show. All I know is that they lived in Coriscana, Texas, and I'm sure they have long passed away.

I'm curious if anyone running the magic circles in Texas back then can tell me more about them - share any stories.


Re: Zarlington Players

Postby Guest » January 20th, 2006, 10:14 am

I remember the Zarlington players. I saw them perform the magic show a couple of times when I was in school in East Texas (Mabank) . They had a small show that woud pack into the back of a station wagon.I became acquainted with them and actually visited them in their home outside of Corsicana. I believe the town was called Richland Hills. This must have been in 1977 or 78.
The name Zarlington comes from his father who was a vaudville performer. Apparently the family was performing in Nashville ( I think) and were staying at the Arlington hotel. They added the Z and it became Zarlington.
I can't remember their first names nor their given last name.
I do remember that the couple was very generous and warm. They gave me several pieces of equipment that I still have today.

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