Al Koran's Mission Impossible

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Steve Mills
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Al Koran's Mission Impossible

Postby Steve Mills » February 2nd, 2005, 1:56 pm

Back when the earth was still warm and I had hair, Al Koran announced the release of a series of "Professional Secrets". The first was "Koran's Cards To Wallet".

I ran across this the other day and recalled how disappointed I was in it - both the routine and the apparatus - that could be my problem and is not the point here. In the instructions he announced "Mission Impossible" - an incredible sounding trick, but so was the wallet. In any case, I didn't order and frequently wondered if he ever issued more items. My vague recollection is that he got sick during this period and ultimately passed away.

Does anyone recall this and do you know how many items were in the series, or was the wallet the one and only?

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Jeremy Greystoke
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Re: Al Koran's Mission Impossible

Postby Jeremy Greystoke » February 2nd, 2005, 3:15 pm

I know that Mission Impossible was released. I saw Arthur Emerson use it in a show to great effect. As for how many were sold, I have no idea. I seem to vaguely recall an outfit showing up on a used list years ago, and I think there might have been one listed on eBay sometime in the past.

That's the only other "Professional Secret" that I can recall being released by Koran. I know little of the first release, the Koran's Cards To Wallet . How exactly was it a disappointment? I was completely floored when Art performed Mission Impossible, so Koran was batting at least .500 in the "Professional Secrets" series. :)


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