Frederick J. Drake & Co and Erdnase

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Frederick J. Drake & Co and Erdnase

Postby Stepanov » January 6th, 2006, 10:49 pm

I find site ... mode=books
There shown 59 books by Drake Company. Only 4 books about magic and ALL books released 1902!!!
Amazing. Why magic publishing began and finished on 1902? Who was first? Erdnase watch another books and suggest his book, or after Erdnase's book Drake decide publishing another?

BTW. There are a lot of books about painting. Erdnase can read them and made his pictures...

P.S. On the night of New Year 2006, after 3 bottles of vodka, was solved great mystery of Erdnase name. At beginning, young man chose name South West EastNorth, but he was so drunk that can not write and ask publisher. Unfortunatelly, Mr. Drake was not on good condition too and write what hear - SW Erdnase. On morning they laugh a lot but it was to late. :-)
Happy New Year to all. On Russia we celebrate it from 1 to 10 January. Please, do not begin a war just now, because we will drink 3 days more and will be busy.

Oleg Stepanov

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