On the Freeman Display

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On the Freeman Display

Postby Guest » April 19th, 2004, 1:03 pm

Standing at 5 feet with a burly beard and trim, one of magic's folklores stood tall at the Magic Castle SwapMeet this Saturday. Practicing his art and craft even in his demeanor and dress, you wouldn't picture this white-bearded, jolly old man to be a guy of legends (the same was said of Vernon, upon meeting him for the first time). But there he was, disguised by time and age -- sharing his stories about the Professor and the enigmatic Arthur Findley (check-out Freeman's article on Findley in the Aug. 2001 Linking Ring).

Humble and unassuming, Steve Freeman displays the image of a true magician. Echoing the style of Hofzinser, Leipzig, and Ramsay -- made concrete by Vernon and Miller -- carried on by Walton, Jennings, and Skinner -- the procession goes on --Nelson, Carney, Goodwin, et. al. These are the men that make me proud to be a part of magic. They are the template for growth, development, and understanding. To paraphrase Gabriel Garcia Marquez: Like the scent of bitter almonds, they are the aromatic fumes of gold cyanide.

With Great Admiration and Respect,

Edward Pungot

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Pete Biro
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Re: On the Freeman Display

Postby Pete Biro » April 20th, 2004, 9:29 am

Freeman "an old man" ??? Hey, he's just a KID. :D

Yes, it was great seeing and talking with him.
Stay tooned.

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David Regal
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Re: On the Freeman Display

Postby David Regal » April 21st, 2004, 4:29 pm

Sweet...I'm taller than Steve Freeman.

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