The Ross and Helen Bertram Films.

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The Ross and Helen Bertram Films.

Postby Guest » March 9th, 2003, 6:48 am

The arrival of our new Genii evokes magic memories of days gone by. Memories that some of us, myself included, are not old enough to recount in the flesh. The New "Ross Bertram" issue(March 2003) is a credit to Richard and his team. The fact that some of this forum's members are not able to remember such men of magic is no real reflection on whether or not we respect and admire their life's work. In an age of "trends" which tend to veer more and more towards flourishy style cuts and displays these days, this months issue reminds me that I always have the comfort of an armchair, a glass of white and the pleasure of The 1994 reproduced editions of the old R+H films to look foward to at the end of a busy day. I could watch these films, and study the work of Bertram every night for a year and still find something new every time. These films are a gift to the art of deceptive sleight of hand magic and the release of the new Genii has compleled me to mention them here. I was in my local magic shop a couple of days ago and the subject of Bertram arose by way of the owner mentioning how it would be virtually impossible to "shift any Bertram" in this day and age. How he had almost had to -give- the L+L Elmsley or Thompson videos away when they were in stock. I'm 28 and could be described as a bit of an old bloke in most situations but within the realm of magic or entertainment in general I consider myself to be quite young and even I can see the problems inherent in this last revelation. The Ross and Helen Bertram films are a revelation...A complete lesson in sleight of hand and artistic everyday magic....There are no meaningless flourishes, no 'street magic' no thousand and one ways to cut the deck into a thousand and one packets between the fingers and then put them back together in the same order. Believe me I am an exponant of the phrase evolve or die and I am in no way trapped in some time warp, as I said I'm 28 and would hope to be considered a moderenistic performer. I think that most Modernistic performance could learn a great deal the teaching of such seasoned magic and vintage performers, who in themselves were the cutting edge of realism and deception in their day. Thankyou Richard and Genii for all examples of your promotion of this theory.....Especially the recent Ross Bertram edition of the magazine.


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