George Boston - Harry Blackstone Sr.

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George Boston - Harry Blackstone Sr.

Postby Guest » April 12th, 2007, 5:22 am

Here is a short story from Eddy Taytelbaum, Holland.

"Many years ago I met George Boston at a magic convention in Germany.
During the convention one of he main attractions was the showing of old movies of past masters, most of them being black and white films.

One of the highlights was the showing of Harry Blackstone Sr. doing his famous dancing handkerchief trick.
It has been a wonderful
experience to see Harry perform this trick of which I had read many times. Sitting next to me in the auditorium was George Boston who confided to me that he did the backstage pulling of
the strings.

I complimented him for such a wonderful contribution.


Some info about Eddy:


Re: George Boston - Harry Blackstone Sr.

Postby Guest » April 12th, 2007, 8:46 am

That's a great story. Blackstone was an amazing performer and I wish I had the opportunity to have seen him perform.

On our podcast, we've played interviews of Blackstone, Sr., talking with Clint Riedel at Clint's house in Lancaster, PA, while relaxing, drinking tea. He had some great stories in those interviews.

That must have been fascinating for Eddy to be sitting there, getting the "director's commentary" on that film! Thanks for sharing!


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