Marlo/Osborn "Unlimited 3.0"

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Marlo/Osborn "Unlimited 3.0"

Postby Matthew Field » February 7th, 2002, 8:00 am

Cyberspace has become so crowded that we need search engines to navigate our way around. In this glut, things of worth can escape notice, especially things of interest in our small, esoteric world of magic.

Jon Racherbaumer, my friend, Genii's Associate and Online Editor, and one of magic's best writers has been running a website, which has free areas as well as subscription areas. One can join as a regular or "premium" member. The premium membership, Jon assures us, will have items well worth the dough.

While the price is not insubstantial, Jon is making good on his promise. Just up on the Premium area of his site is "Unlimited 3.0" by Norm Osborn and Ed Marlo. This is a greatly expanded and newly illusrarted text of a booklet originally published in 1953. It contains explanations and handlings of Osborn's Double Count, a move done with a commonly available gaffed card.

The move itself is very clever, and the variety of effects is impressive -- more than a dozen effects and 7 sleights, including a handling by Marlo which eliminates the need for the gaff. Other contributors include Simon Aronson and Gary Plants.

If I sound enthusiastic, it is because I am. My only criticism is that this is a non-printable manuscript -- you've got to read it at the computer, and that's not my cup of tea.

But that's a small criticism when you consider that the original "Unlimited," or the revised reprint from 1983, are VERY difficult to find, and this new version is full of photos and new material.

Jon's site includes tons of free stuff for card lovers and the pay areas have downloadable lecture notes and other material, with more promised. I love reading about tracking down crediting, and Jon has done some extraordinary work in this regard recently, especially with "Spectator Cuts to and Turns Over the Aces" and the flap involving Randy Wakeman, Jim Swain and Bill Malone.

Congratulations to Jon and his son Ry for this site from an avid (paid) subscriber. That's and may it flourish.

Matthew Field

George Olson
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Re: Marlo/Osborn "Unlimited 3.0"

Postby George Olson » February 7th, 2002, 7:22 pm


I couldn't agree more! It's outstanding.

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Re: Marlo/Osborn "Unlimited 3.0"

Postby Guest » February 8th, 2002, 2:43 am

Matt is 100% correct.

I signed up as a Premium Member earlier this year - six months for $30.00. Ultra cheap in my opinion given the quality and quantity of material that Jon has made available for downloading.

I'll definitely be renewing my membership when renewal time comes around.

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