Most successful effect

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Most successful effect

Postby Guest » December 3rd, 2005, 11:52 am

This is an effect not for beginners.
This is an effect for a very limited audience.
This is an effect than can be performed only once for the same audience.
Not for beginners because to perform it you have to have a very solid reputation for NEVER using gimmicked cards, trick decks, or mechanical aids. You must be known and respected a purist of sleight of hand.
For a very limited audience because it is useful only against other magicians. The setting of a magic club is about the only setting in which it will work.
Cant be repeated because those who saw it and who are capable of thinking may stumble on the solution unthinkable as it is.

At one stage of my life I was moving from city to city every few years and so visited and was associated with magic clubs in different areas. In each I established a name for one who scorned the trickery bought at the magic shop and cultivated the reputation of an advocate of finger flinging skill. With the following I had great success.

A card is chosen, shown to all (except performer) returned to deck, which is shuffled. Deck is placed in box and whole is tied up with a piece of magicians rope, which goes around the box both up and down and sideways. Magician (thats me) goes through what ever hocus pocus suits him, unties package and tosses the box to spectator to unwrap. Spectator spreads card and look in vain for that card which had been chosen. Tain t there. Magician takes scissors and cuts rope at point where it was in contact with box. There rolled inside the rope is the chosen card.

Magician leaves town and goes on to his next assignment.

Method or as the big boys say modus operendi: A one-way deck. Fifty-two identical cards. After card is returned switch decks ring in fifty-one-card deck missing the chosen card. Rope is magicians rope of the kind with a core that can be removed. So remove it and work the rolled up duplicate card into the center stretch of the rope. When the card box is placed on this the bulge will not be noticed and all goes well from there on.

Since your audience is well aware that you dont use any of the trick decks they are relaxed during the time you are busy swapping one for the other. They are only eagle eyed during the time you have a deck in your hands. Alert for any sign of a slight they let you get away with all this -- once.

Its been forty years since I worked this so I presume if I were to return to Norfolk, Long Beach, or Washington all those who saw it first time would be dead and I could do it again.

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Re: Most successful effect

Postby Cohiba » December 6th, 2005, 10:29 am

I don't understand your emphasis on the restrictions for performing this effect. All it really is is a card to impossible location. There's many different ways of accomplishing this effect.
If performed well, the audience (magicians or otherwise) won't know or care what the method is.
A great example of a similar type of effect is Josh Jay's trick in the December Magic magazine. This trick blew a lot of knowledgeable magicians away. Will it have the same impact watching it a second time? No, but what magic trick does? Would laymen enjoy it? Yes - there were some very new magicians (almost laymen) who loved it. Nobody knew if it was one of the typical methods for the trick he was performing, or something else. For magicians, it has a "garden path" thing going on, but this wouldn't ruin it for a layman. Josh's reputation isn't one of a purist - he uses the best method, whether it be sleight of hand or gaff. This didn't cause us to suspect a one-way deck because he handled it properly - and I guess that's my stance - if handled properly, all of the restrictions you posted fall away. (In my opinion.)


Re: Most successful effect

Postby Guest » December 6th, 2005, 11:25 am

great effect, thanks for sharing it with us.

I must agree with Cohiba, I don't understand the restrictions either. I think any great reaction from an effect is worth going for over and over.

Impossible locations, are just that..."Impossible" to the layman, so I don't think they would mind being surprised again.

Infact, you have given me an idea to start a new thread.............I'm off.


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