Maskelyne's African Patrol (1958)

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Maskelyne's African Patrol (1958)

Postby Richard Stokes » April 3rd, 2018, 4:24 pm

For those who might be interested in what happened to Jasper Maskelyne after he settled in Kenya:
Well, he does show up briefly in African Patrol (1958) a tv series which was filmed on location there.

Jasper appears as Carl at 4m 8secs and reappears at 7m 30 secs in 'No Place to Hide'.
(Still scribbling! Why hasn't he gone off to the forensic lab?)

He appears in the final credits of part 3.
His name is spelt incorrectly: Jasper Maskglyne ?
Almost a clumsy phonetic spelling.

Jasper appears in a second episode - The Hunt.

John Bentley, the star of African Patrol, later played the husband of Meg Richardson in the English soap Crossroads. This won't mean much to American viewers, but us Brits will be chuffed by the following nostalgic soap extracts from 1975:

Keep an eye out for Vincent Ball, the legendary Aussie actor who starred in A Town Like Alice with Peter Finch.
Vincent also plays the pilot in Where Eagles Dare flying in to rescue Clint Eastwood & Richard Burton.
I once met Vincent at Bondi Beach when he was selling tickets to Trap for a Lonely Man, a classic stage thriller. He's still with us at 94.

I'm sure many people in Birmingham thought the wedding was real!

And, as Fox News informed us, Birmingham has changed and is now a no-go zone for non-Muslims...

No, not really. That's fake news.

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