Obtaining Duplicate Signature

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Obtaining Duplicate Signature

Postby Guest » May 5th, 2003, 6:04 pm

In the May issue of Genii, in the "Genii Session" by Robert Gobbi, there is a method for obtaining a duplicate of a spectator's signature. While the method is fine, I think a better way and the one I have been using for the last 10 years, would be to use the "Blow Away Change" found on page 109-111 of the 1991 Card Craft (also found in After Craft pages 72-74). The sleight was made for this!
So the set up is 2 duplicate cards on top of the deck, slip cut the top card to the center and classic force. Turn the card face up on top of the deck, have the card initialed, do the "blow away change" and then before you lower the deck use your finger to rub the face of the card. bring the deck down and have the person reinitial the card.
Now in all the times I've done this, I never was questioned about marker on the finger. But i think I would add the marker subtlety that was brilliant.

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Re: Obtaining Duplicate Signature

Postby luigimar » May 21st, 2003, 2:15 pm

A few years ago, there was a Mexican magician (I don't remember his name) who went to FISM and did an amazing trick where someone would sign a card, it was destroyed and then it would come out of an amazing place, restored and still with the signature. It was a duplicate card (with the signature!). He had invented a way to transfer (or should I say, to print) the spectator's signature on two cards. He had a gimmicked deck to do this. The second signature was like a 'carbon copy' of the first one. I saw this at TAOM 97 and he was selling the deck I think for $50. I didn't buy it because the gimmick lasted for about 20 performances and for me it was expensive. I would have bought it if it had lasted forever.

He didn't win the competition (I think he got 2nd or 3rd place) because the effect was so unbelievable that the judges thought the spectator was a secret assistant.

Probably someone out there has this effect and can make comments on it.

luigimar :)

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Re: Obtaining Duplicate Signature

Postby Rafael Benatar » May 21st, 2003, 4:45 pm

That's Juan Carlos Rodarte.


Re: Obtaining Duplicate Signature

Postby Guest » May 21st, 2003, 6:21 pm

I believe the gimmick is/was called miracle maker.


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Re: Obtaining Duplicate Signature

Postby Robert McDaniel » May 22nd, 2003, 7:25 pm

I purchased Miracle Maker and I thought it was an amazing idea. However, I felt the handling was cumbersome and never used it. Surely there's a better solution to this problem than having the spectator sign the card two times.

Robert McDaniel

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Re: Obtaining Duplicate Signature

Postby Scott Fridinger » May 24th, 2003, 9:02 pm

Guy Hollingsworth uses the idea of a duplicate signature in his book Drawing Room Deceptions however it is not an exact duplicate, it is very bold, but worth looking into if you have the book. If you don't, get it, while many of the ideas may seem impossible to accomplish it makes you think and push the limits of every day idea.



Re: Obtaining Duplicate Signature

Postby Guest » July 6th, 2003, 9:31 am

a while back I came up with a "new" method for obtaining duplicate signature.

I posted the method on www.themagiccafe.com, it is in the secret session (for those who have more than 50 posts on that site, you are welcomed to check out that thread.. the topic is "New way to use duplicate signature???? " )

basically, the problem with duplicate signature is the spectator will recall signing their name on the same card beforehand, so the magician can't use the duplicate card in the same show as he might risk being busted as the spectator might remember the card.

here's a copy of my post

"here is how it goes.
start off by doing some stupid signature matching tricks (have 2 spectator.
Bob signs his name on the face of a card (an Ace of hearts), Staci signed her name on the BACK of another card (Queen of Hearts).. blah blah blah.. you then do a double lift, show that their signatures are both signed on the same card. here is the KEY, Staci would think that she signed her name on an ACE OF HEARTS, but the truth is, her signature is on the back of a Queen of hearts.

NOW, you got yourself a duplicate signature, one that the spectator will never remember because even if they remember signing their name on a card previously, they would remember it was a DIFFERENT card.

you then load your signed Queen of hearts into your sock later on that show (about 7-8 tricks later), force another QUeen of hearts on Staci once more, have her sign her name on the back (Don't let her stare at her signature for too long, as you know, the signatures will not be 100% pure match)
blah blah blah, lose it in the deck, steal it out, then you put your feet up, have her grab your ankle REAL HARD, make sure nothing goes into your shoe.

you spring the deck onto the bottom of your shoe..
take off your shoe, take off your sock,
the card is now INSIDE your sock.
apparently it has penetrated through both your shoe and your sock.

or, you can load the card anywhere you want.
card through window comes to my mind right the way

with this method, you can use your duplicate signature in the same performance instead of waiting for a few days to past in order to "erase" the spectator's memory.

I hope y'all like it"

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Re: Obtaining Duplicate Signature

Postby flynn » January 10th, 2009, 12:48 am

Cool! My signed card changes are very simple and still floors lay people using the double lift. I've also come up with a little more complicated signed "Red Hot Mama" color changing back type of effect where two signatures are utilized, the spectators and the performers signatures. Does anyone know if readers can submit tricks for the Magicana section or to Josh Jays section at MAGIC magazine? I've also come up with my own card forces for that "Red Hot Mama" type trick.

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Re: Obtaining Duplicate Signature

Postby gregg » August 7th, 2009, 5:36 pm

I published a method for this in one of my newsletters, it was called The All Night Card and how it worked was this; in a mingling situation or party etc., I would establish the concept that if I did a trick for someone who I had already worked for earlier...I would say "You already signed a card" and then I'd pull out the card they had used earlier, to use AGAIN !
Once this idea is established, at some point during the evening I'd either go into the bathroom, or outside for a break, such as in my car, and then I'd forge someone's signature on a dupe card from another deck. I am a commercial artist, so for me this is not hard if you do as the real forgery experts do, copy the signature upside down and backwards so that you are just copying a squiggle, so that your own 'hand' doesn't get in there and try to make a letter your own way.
Put the real card and signature in an impossible location and at some point in the second half of show go back to that person, say you'll do a trick with the card they already signed.
Make their card, actually the dupe with forgery, vanish - rub-a-dub or whatever, and produce their real card from the impossible location.
The concept I called The All Night Card and the trick I called Stargate GW. Try it out. Gregg Webb

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