Danny Orleans' The Art of Presenting Magic to Children

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Danny Orleans
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Danny Orleans' The Art of Presenting Magic to Children

Postby Danny Orleans » December 15th, 2012, 1:38 am

If you perform magic for children, I have created a set of DVDs that teach 70 strategies to help you manage and entertain young audiences. You can learn more and see a preview video at www.dannyorleansmagic.com

Danny Orleans

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Re: Danny Orleans' The Art of Presenting Magic to Children

Postby SteveW » January 25th, 2013, 12:49 pm

WOW... I got all this for $99. What a steal.

I just finished intently watching and listening to this DVD set and it was proobably the most valuable DVD I have ever bought.

You show on the first DVD was entertaining and so simple. I don't mean that in a bad way. I learned that having a great engaging story is one of the keys to a successful show. Your explainations were step by step on key. One routine that I have never done completely was the Miser's dream. I do a variation but with one child helper. I never felt the way I did the trick was complete. What I did, I did well but I knew there was more I could add. I do end with a 3" coin but never thought about a second larger coin. But watching your explaination, I am going back to the drawing board and rewriting my routine.

Disc 2 was worth the cost of this set alone.

Hearing your management strategies made me realize that I do a lot of things right but never knew why I was doing them. It also taught me many more that I had never considered. I think the best, for me anyway, was allowing the unruly, uncooperative or shy helper the choice of staying on stage, performing properly or going back to their seat. Put the ball in their court so to speak and then give a positive reward for the choice they made. This makes you and now me look very good in the eyes of the adults. Thanks for this and all the other strategies.

Your interview with Eugene Burger was great and I know i will listen to this again.

I have to say, watching your Over the Rainbow show was really a fun show to watch. The fact that the audience got to watch live theater, not just a magic show makes me want to think about my themed shows and script it out better.

Thank you for releasing this. Every kid show performer should have this in their library as a reference on how to raise the art of magic not only in our own performances but in the eyes of the audience, it should teach them that magic can be a lot for fun when ecverything is done in such a positive manner.

Congratulations on this release.

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Re: Danny Orleans' The Art of Presenting Magic to Children

Postby magicrobharv » February 1st, 2013, 11:21 pm

I just received the email confirmation that my order is in the mail. I can't wait. I am really looking forward to the Eugene Burger interview with Danny, along with all the other great info on the DVDs.

Danny Orleans
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Re: Danny Orleans' The Art of Presenting Magic to Children

Postby Danny Orleans » February 27th, 2013, 3:04 am

I just received an email from a part-time magician who attended my lecture and watched my DVDs. Perhaps his thoughts will help you in your decision-making process regarding the purchase of "The Art of Presenting Magic to Children."

Hello Danny:

I attended your recent lecture and must tell you that it was more insightful and helpful than most lectures I
have attended during my journey as a performer. I became a clown 12 years ago, as an outlet to complement
a career in the world of finance. Having the mask of a clown has allowed me to transition to situations that
I would never have dreamed possible. Of late, I have been solicited to do more and more magic. I can
easily do walk around but to perform a show has been frustrating from several points of view, the biggest
being capturing attention and controlling the audience, in addition to building an act. I have studied your dvds and had the best magic performance of my career today. From the very start, when I did my magician's exercises,I had the nursery school audience. The taped Xs on the floor was brilliant.

I identified myself in you, a Type A person, analytical and very thorough, who seeks to excel in his performance. Your demeanor resonated in me, as opposed to other styles of performing. I
realize that years of experience, and making mistakes is a huge teacher, but your open format is not only accelerating my learning curve, but exhilarating my enthusiasm. I am not
familiar with your credentials, all I know is that as a gentle, soft spoken performer and sharing lecturer, you have made a difference.

I look forward to sharing continued success with you.

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Re: Danny Orleans' The Art of Presenting Magic to Children

Postby Hal Meyers » March 15th, 2013, 3:51 pm

Danny …

Just received your DVD set, watched the first one and was enthralled. Anyone specializing in, or wanting to get into family/children's entertainment who watches the Art of Presenting Magic to Children, embraces your routines and ideas can/will have a complete 40 + minute show at their finger tips. You can take everything you are showing on this DVD; including how to create your own vanishing crayons, make a terrific set of nesting wands (that will last a lifetime), construct a custom magical coloring book (any size from standard to Super JUMBO), and build lightweight portable folding tables with ease. This information far exceeds the cost of the DVD set.

What blew my mind is that you aren't doing a show full of store bought kids tricks, you've included a wonderful Zombie routine with amazing performance hints and tricks, you do a super clean, magical Misers Dream with an audience startling finale of two JUMBO Coin productions and you've included a Gypsy Thread routine which makes sense to the kids.

When you think about it, performing a “Torn and Restored Thread” routine in place of a “Cut and Restored Rope” also saves a ton of money, gets the audience to lean in and pay attention creating a whole different atmosphere, a quite moment. And the show has so many of these wonderful "moments" throughout, and the young audience is completely under your control throughout the show, parents too.

Looking forward to watching the other two DVD's.

A job well done …

Thank you

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Re: Danny Orleans' The Art of Presenting Magic to Children

Postby Presto » May 25th, 2013, 9:16 pm

I haven't picked up the DVD set yet, but I've heard great things about it!

Are you going to Kidabra this year?

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