Casus by Michael Kettle

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Casus by Michael Kettle

Postby Tom Frame » December 14th, 2011, 3:46 pm

Casus (ebook) by Michael Kettle $7.99
9 pages, 5 illustrations
Available at:

The Chief Geniis publication of The Berglas Effects certainly contributed to card mens continued interest in ACAAN. But, is it just me? Or does it seem like every month, someone, somewhere releases another handling of the effect?

Im not complaining. I really dig ACAAN. Im merely sharing my probable misperception of the current state of card affairs.

With Casus, Michael Kettle throws his ACAAN hat into the ring.

Mr. Kettle writes well and does a fine job of teaching the handling. His Ma and Pa should be proud of him.

His computer rendered illustrations are clear and helpful. They are also oddly attractive in a Gahan Wilson kind of way.

The author dutifully cites his inspirational sources, including a nod to Barrie Richardsons Impromptu Card at Any Number manuscript. The word on the street is that Mr. Kettles version is a minor variation of Mr. Richardsons handling. I dont own that manuscript, so I cant offer a comparison.

A participant shuffles a deck of cards. The performer asks her to think of a number between one and fifty-two, without naming it. The performer spreads the face down deck and the participant freely touches a card.

He breaks the spread above the selected card and flips that portion of the deck face up. He spreads through those cards to display the other cards that she could have chosen.

The performer thumbs her selected card off the side of the face down packet and displays it to her. He flips the face up cards face down onto the balance of the deck.

He shuffles the deck and places it face down onto the participants palm. He counts several cards onto his hand to demonstrate what the participant is to do. Picking up where the performer left off, she counts cards onto his palm and stops dealing when she arrives at her number. She turns over that card and it is hers.

A key component of the method is a cool Simon Aronson technique from Try the Impossible. The author teaches the handling with Mr. Aronsons permission.

While the participant is free to name any number, the effect will work only if she chooses a number between four and fifty-two, inclusive. This wont be a problem with most participants most of the time. But on rare occasions, youll encounter a pathological participant who wants to select a lower number.

The author doesnt offer any management tips for subtly steering the participant away from the lower numbers.

To cut to the chase, I dont like the authors method. Specifically, I hate the moment when the performer places the deck onto the participants palm and immediately, without letting go of the deck, begins to count cards into his own hand.

Not only is that action suspicious and unnatural, it lacks motivation. With gritted teeth, I must inform Mr. Kettle that if your participant is at least six years old and speaks your language, when you ask her to count cards into your hand, she will be able to successfully execute that task without a demonstration!

I am not surprised that, despite requests, the author has declined to post a performance video.

Unless you are a compulsive collector of ACAAN methods, you dont need Casus.

Not Recommended
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