Intimate Strangers

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Intimate Strangers

Postby Jon Racherbaumer » January 4th, 2003, 7:07 pm

Sometimes certain magazine articles have a second life and sometimes this rerun has added features that make a second reading worth the effort.

Remember the piece on David Copperfield that ran in ESQUIRE magazine (April-1994)?

When I originally read the piece, I liked it. I also noticed that D.C. and his current girl-friend, C.S., were on the cover. Great publicity, the spin being: "How did a magician woo and win a super-model?" D.C. of course is great and he's rich, but he ain't no Brad Pitt, Paul Newman, or any of the other "hotties" on the scene then or now. Regardless, I thought the piece was positive.

It turns out that after D.C. read it, he was very displeased. In fact, he faxed the author of the article (Bill Zehme)an excoriating missive (three pages)expressing his displeasure.


In a new book that collects Bill Zehme's comic profiles and indiscretions of the very famous (INTIMATE STRANGERS), not only is the original article reprinted...BUT...they have included D.C.'s knee-jerk response. It also publishes Zehme's response to the response.

In the end, Copperfield and Zehme kissed and made up. All is well. Nevertheless, it is interesting to finally read some of the stuff that went on behind the scenes and never saw the light of day...

...until now.

INTIMATE STRANGER is a 382-page, paperback book, published by Delta Trade Paperbacks. By the way, Zehme also writes about Sinatra, Liberace, Madonna, Leno, Letterman, and Eddie Murphy...


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