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Robert Kane
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Press Kit/Information Package

Postby Robert Kane » July 30th, 2002, 10:09 pm

I am working on putting together a press kit/information package to help me sell myself as close up performer to local restaurants. I am getting a lot of good ideas from the Kirk Charles book, but am also interested to know what types of promotional material that restaurant performers typically include in their kit (assuming they even use a kit).

So far I am developing the following for my kit:

1. B&W 8 x 10 portrait of myself in business attire.
2. Glossy sheet with pictures explaining what I do along with performance pictures. Include complimentary third party endorsements.
3. Copies of recommendation letters
4. Business card
5. List of fees for parties, hourly rate, etc.

Any other suggestions?

Thanks to any one who cares to share a bit about their success! Regards, Robert :)

reed mcclintock
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Re: Press Kit/Information Package

Postby reed mcclintock » August 1st, 2002, 10:37 am

I think this is a great topic. In my press kit I have the following.
3 8x10 b/w
2 color 8x10
3 letters of recomendations
copies of media articles, and advertisements.
a 7 minute eddited video
a sheet with several quotes from celebrities and executives.
10 brochures
10 business cards
list of past clients
my Bio
Now I know this may seem to be an awful lot of stuff to give.
Let me say why I do have all of this.
First if someone contacts me I send them a one page newletter type of promo piece.
It contains quotes, bio, head shot brief client list, and CONTACT INFO.
It is short easy to read and tells them in one page everything they reayly need to know.
My press kit goes to agents, that is when they get all of the other stuff.
When I send a kit out to the agent, My address and contact info is only on the stuff the agent is keeping.
brochures and everthing else the agent may send out to potential clients, has the agents contact info. It is easy to print labels for the agent to slap on your promo stuff, but why make the agent work harder than they need to. I print it all up and give it to them pre-done.
It is all put into a nice binder type of thing. The spine of this binder says Reed McClintock so when they have it on a book shelf it is easy to locate.
I will type more later I have to go. I am curious what other people do or have for agents and what they do for their own client getting techniques.

Robert Kane
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Re: Press Kit/Information Package

Postby Robert Kane » August 23rd, 2002, 8:47 am

Is Reed the only person who has a press kit or is Reed the only one who is willing to share? I would love to hear from more of you. :)

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