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hey guys. My name is Jerred, I am 27 years old, a combat veteran, and wanting to make people happy as well as get more serious into magic. First I want to apologize in advanced for any grammar mistakes because I do understand, even though this is the internet, you guys are educated and deserve that respect. A little more about me I have always loved magic and its art, Usually I either watch it or do simple card tricks for friends but I would like to get more serious and better at it. Mainly because I stream on twitch.tv and want to not only try to provide that extra entertainment during my live streams, but also to close friends and people I work with. My main goal is to make people happy and give everyone even adults the same sense of wonder and excitement I still feel watching masters of this craft.

I wanted to learn a good one coin routine, so I bought kainoa harbottles portal routine. I love portals, the routine, and thought it would be a good place to learn a retention of vision vanish, which is one of my favorite slights. I didn't realize it was a drop retention vanish. I have practiced this slight 50-100 times almost every day since I bought it in august because its what he teaches for the routine. With that said I don't want to give up on this slight with so much time invested in it. In the video posted is where I am currently at. Even on the low quality web cam I still feel like it wouldn't be worthy of youtube let alone family. I have searched for tips on this vanish but I feel like I need fresh eyes, or at least those better than me, to see my mistakes and let me know what I am doing wrong. I wan't to learn more than gimmicks and a shuttle pass but I don't want to quit practicing basic slights. I am at the point where I feel like I should focus on easier slights or on another retention vanish. I also understand the retention of vision vanish is a very hard slight to learn and takes time. I love the magazine and heard this is the best forum for magic as well as the most honest.

link to yesterdays give it 100 video to see if i can improve it in 100 days


the portal routine that uses this vanish is at 20 seconds into the trailer.


PS. maybe I missed it but why is there no introduction sections? PPS. Thank you for reading and any and all help you guys can offer.

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