Ernest Earick's Broadside Center Steal

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Ernest Earick's Broadside Center Steal

Postby DeFunès » July 25th, 2013, 9:03 am

Hi everyone,

I have trouble loading back the card once in modified Tenkaï palm. Here are my issues:

Where precisely should rest my 3rd left finger at the start ?

Also, I can't figure out if the card is supposed to swivel back under the deck completely by the action of the left picky pivoting against the 3rd finger or if I need at one point to use my right thumb to push square the stolen card...?

I can make the card swing under the pack for a bit but then I can't go further with my left pinky and the card is not even half way under the pack..
Perhaps I need to start the loading with the card Tenkaï palmed perpendicular to the deck ?

Thanks for your help !

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