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Bill Wisch performs "The Dayton Razor Blade Miracle" 1987

Posted: April 5th, 2021, 12:44 pm
by Kevin Wisch

In the Summer of 1987, my father produced a gala show at "The Cameo" in Garfield, NJ. In this video, you will see him perform "The Dayton Razor Blade Miracle" with a couple of his own additions to the routine. Tom Mullica was scheduled to perform at the show, but was involved in an automobile accident on the way to the airport. You will hear him announce this sad news to the crowd, as well as introduce both Joe Schroeder and Vito Lupo, who took Mullica's place in the show.

I hope you enjoy this never before seen footage and please like this video if you want to see more. Also please subscribe to Bill Wisch's Youtube channel if you haven't already. Thank you!