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Magician's Patter Collections

Postby Spellbinder » April 5th, 2020, 12:05 pm

Remember when Robert Orben used to publish books of Patter and Jokes for Magicians (and other entertainers)? That job has been taken over by the Internet. You can Google up hundreds of jokes on all topics, but not necessarily useful to magicians. The Magic Nook has started with a FREE page of Corobna Virus related Jokes collected for when the virus has run its course and people are ready to laugh about what they went through as a world community. NOW is the time to start your collections for that time, especially if you are on lock-down and have no shows to perform. Spend a few days on the computer and find jokes so you will be an instant HIT once your magic business starts back up. OUR FREE PAGE: You can add your jokes to our page to share with other magicians by e-mailing them to or keep them all to your funny self, but NOW is the time to think to the future and get ahead of the crisis.

Stay Safe. Stay Informed. Stay Prepared for the return of YOUR magic business in the near future.
Phineas Spellbinder
The Magic Nook

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